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DWP stands firm on benefits sanctions

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 04 February 2014

THE Department for Work and Pensions has defended itself against scathing reports of unfair benefit sanctions.

On Friday the Chronicle told the story of a man who was forced to give up work with heart problems and had his benefits axed for failing to complete a capability assessment — after suffering a heart attack during the examination.

The man was one of several examples of claimants who have had benefits slashed for reasons they considerunfair.

Many have taken their case to Oldham West and Saddleworth MP Debbie Abrahams, whose campaign over unfair sanctions has forced a Work and Pensions Committee review.

But an unrepentant DWP insists decisions are taken only after “thorough assessment”.

A DWP spokesman said: “We are committed to helping people move from benefits and into work if they are capable, while giving unconditional support to those who need it.”

The spokesman said sanctions are used only as a last resort: “We make it clear to people at the start of their claim what the rules are and that they risk losing their benefits if they don’t play by them.”


These DWP people have forgotten "Do unto others as you would have them do to you".Reprehensible treatment of a Human Being who is clearly in Travail, can I help this bloke via the Oldham Chron In any way?

I don't know how many people reading these pages have met officials from the benefits agency, but they seem somehow to have a part of their souls removed. They cease to see the people they are dealing with as human beings, and develop instead a kind of robotic devotion to rules and regulations regardless of the effect their decisions have on those unfortunates who are affected as a result.
Their response here will come as no surprise to those who know what I'm saying.

thay would defend them selfs lol jokers iv had so meny unfair sanctions its unreal and im in 1 as we speak now put it 1 way jobcenter/dwp i wos ment to start work and i couldn't get there because you guys givein unfair sanctions i got sanctioned for finding work wot type of bull is that and then u want us to hav hardship 64pound every 2 weeks how the hell on earth do u want us to live on that that only just scratches 3 things lecki gas and a tiny bit of food in my eye ur leavein us all to die

Would the DWP please tell us which firms will take on staff that are over 50 and already had at least 1 heart attack as my husband is sick of getting knock backs as soon as rhey know he has had one

Shame on the DWP for the insult to injury they are heaping upon aggrieved claimants. Perhaps they should follow in the Tin Man's footsteps and venture to the Emerald City to ask for a heart.

I think the sad thing is it's only the genuine people in need of benefits that are being punished. There are still plenty of people screwing the system that have never worked a day in their lives

Typical of these faceless morons talking about rules. These are exactly the same type of people who herded children into gas chambers--because it was the rule.

The problem here is we simply do not have the money to look after the needy as we should be. Too many became eligible to sit around idle, scrounging benefits under Labour. The pot was left empty, whoever came into power next had to deal with it. Sadly, cases like this have appeared and no, its not acceptable and requires immediate attention but, my blame lies firmly with Labours previous government who brought this country to its knees.

I am unable to work at the moment due to illness but still they make things worse I am going through this right now my 16 year old daughter tried to take her own life a week before xmas and I missed an appointment with them, they say me being by my daughters side is not reason enough I am now being paid £13.88 per weeks to live off that doesnt even cover my gas and electric never mind food

My thoughts are with you, Neils. Hope your daughter is receiving all the support she needs. Sorry to hear of your plight, but rest assured that there are tens-of-thousands out there determined to meet this brutality head-on.

Our experience is that this is decision making at a local level and not directly by DWP. Oldham Benefits Office have refused to comply with DWP instruction in our case and their response to a vulnerable and disabled person has been shocking.


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