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Lib-Dems propose delay to Royton revamp

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 04 February 2014

PROPOSALS by Liberal Democrat councillors to halt Royton’s regeneration have been met fierce opposition from fellow councillors.

The suggestion — part of the opposition Lib-Dems alternative budget, which goes before Oldham Council’s Scrutiny Committee today — would see the redevelopment of Royton town hall and town centre postponed for up to 12 months, saving around £253,000.

The proposals suggest certain projects - of which this is one - are a “lower priority than other projects within the capital programme.”

But the report adds that delaying the general town centre improvement could end up costing the council money.

Labour councillor for Royton South, Steven Bashforth, said: “I am absolutely amazed and astonished by the proposals. I’m not sure if they could delay the whole thing: much of the development is financed by Dransfield Proprties. It seems a bit peevish to halt the regeneration of the town hall.

“This could only be implemented if the Liberal Democrats did gain power. But if they did and then stopped the regeneration, I cannot see how they would ever win a seat in Royton again.”

Lib-Dem finance spokesman Councillor John McCann said: “These concerns are about the level of risk falling on the council and the repayment costs should the full £105 million expected borrowing materialise.”

The party fears that while interest rates are currently low, there are concerns about over-extending and repayment of around £7 million out of a reduced budget if rates go up.

“The stakes for our borough are high and should one major project fail or seriously overspend then much could be placed at risk, as the level of borrowing leaves little room for future manoeuvre,” he said.

Other plans in the Lib-Dem alternative budget include a reduction of elected members from 60 to 40, as well as a reduction in management and administration. Investments would be made to children’s services and local environment works. The proposals will be put to the council budget meeting on March 5.


If I am not mistaken the Liberal Democrats were the main party in power when a certain plan to to totally revamp an area in Chadderton/Royton was thrown out to placate a mere 200 or so voters. That plan being the as then new Oldham Athletic ground. After that came the debacle at Failsworth and another political 'hog-wash' which prevented the building of a brand new purpose built stadium. I know that the current issue is different but the LD policies are still something to be believed. Crazy!!!

And, caboroig, let's not forget the Municipal Golf Course we never got.

Golf course will still go ahead but not on polluted land as it would have under Labour who thought more about the buck than the poison they were going to put into the site to quote Labour cllr Batty "only gods good clean earth on this site"

Silver Surfer misses the point. It should have been available to play on 10 years ago but the LibDem administration of 2000 put a stop to it.

JMTS. You miss the point the land could and would have been polluted for years to come all because polluted waste brought more money in to Oldham. As Silver surfer has said ONLY GODs GOOD EARTH????

Here we go again. Another case of typical LibDem dithering, trying to be all things to all people. But for the LibDems, Latics would now be a thriving football club and business. Thank God that they are not in control now, and look like not being so for years to come.

Barros the land would NOT have been polluted for years to come. That was a fairy story made up by the Lib Dems. Go away and look at the figures properly.

Why build a containment cell if it was only God good clean earth?

And what do think a containment cell is meant to do?


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