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Farm fires lead to 18,000 fine

Reporter: Dawn Marsden
Date online: 04 February 2014

TWO firms have been hit with an £18,000 fine after ignoring repeated warnings to stop burning rubbish on farm land.

Environmental health officers were called to Whitfield Dairy Farm, in Mossgate Road, Shaw, following complaints over deliberate fires.

Officers spoke to representatives of the two companies that own the land where the fires took place — Whitfield Dairy Farm Ltd and WDF Estates Ltd — and told them the smoke was a nuisance for residents in Shaw and Milnrow. Despite this, all types of household waste and tyres continued to be burned.

In August 2012 the council issued a Nuisance Abatement Notice — which the firms ignored. Council staff saw full household clearance items being burned, including tyres, a toilet, wiring, wood and plastic on two sites at the farm. Legal proceedings were begun.

Oldham Magistrates refused to believe the waste was burned without the owner’s knowledge, and that the companies had failed to take reasonable precautions to prevent the fires.

The two companies were found guilty of breaching the abatement notice six times and fined £18,000 plus £2,900 costs.


As a nearby resident I too have been affected with the terrible smoke that envelops the surrounding area from this tip. I will be surprised if it comes to an end anytime soon. I worry what the children may be breathing in whilst enjoying themselves in bordering Dunwood Park. I hope the area is now being monitored especially during foggy days and nights when the toxic smoke appears to make a return......

For more than 50 years that I can remember this farm has been paying off fines for a multitude of different law-breaking. Isn't it time it was stopped for good?

Break into a business to steal - £75 fine
False accusation of rape - £90 fine

Burn some rubbish when you're not supposed to £18 000 fine !

The UK, welcome to insanity island !

Flake get things into context please. This has been an on-going thing for more years than even I care to remember! The man flouts the law and laughs in their faces. He cited once he couldn't pay a fine and drove away in a Bentley! Does that tell you what the police and customs and excise are dealing with or what!

Its not simply burning rubbish Flake, its poisoning the local people and the environment. Believe me, its not pleasant breathing in some of the toxic smoke coming from this tip. The order was ignored 6 times, break into a property 6 times and I think you would probably face a custodial sentence, not a £75 fine.

Best of luck collecting the fines

The amount of stuff tipped and burned up on that hill over the years is a joke!

That farm is an eyesore.

The place has been a public nuisance and a health hazard for years. Trucks go up and down from there all times of the day and night which may tell its own story as to the type of waste being dumped there.

The place looks like the scene of a plane crash with debris everywhere and smoke pouring from a large fire pit.

With large amounts of company assets registered I don't see a fine of this size having much long term affect on the situation.


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