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Fresh drive to cut speed limit in built-up areas

Date online: 04 February 2014

SPEED limits could be cut to 20mph if proposals by Oldham’s Liberal Democrats are approved.

A scheme to introduce a default maximum speed of 20mph on residential roads has won backing from local councillors, who will take the issue to tomorrow’s full council meeting.

Councillors John McCann and Diane Williamson will raise the issue of safety on Oldham’s roads at the meeting in the hope of convincing the council to investigate the idea’s feasibility.

An average of154 children were involved in accidents in Oldham each year between 2006-2008, 18 of whom were killed or seriously injured.

In 2012 464 people were injured on Oldham’s roads, of whom three died and 49 were seriously injured.

“Cars are often parked along these residential streets and it is impossible to see some adults, let alone children, trying to cross the road,” Councillor McCann said.

Although some 20mph zones are already in operation in parts of the borough, new Department for Transport guidelines make it easier for local authorities to adopt a default 20mph limit on residential roads.

Councillor McCann added: “I think we need to take advantage of these new government guidelines and reduce limits. Parents and grandparents are terrified of letting their children play outside or go on bikes because it can be incredibly dangerous sometimes. I am hoping members, particularly those with children, will recognise this is a problem we can deal with together.”

The motion urges the council to join 20 other local authorities, including five in Greater Manchester, in seeking to implement the change on residential roads with a “20’s Plenty” campaign.


"In 2012 464 people were injured on Oldham’s roads, of whom three died and 49 were seriously injured."

So how many of these were not pedestrians but victims involved in car crashes? How many were the result of speed in excess of existing limits?

Go take a look at Tameside if you think this is a good idea! One anti car councillor wants all vehicles to be preceded by a man with a red flag!

People will largely abide by 30mph limits but ignore 20MPH blanket ones !

If there's one thing experience has taught us, councils and other public sector bodies cannot be expected to use their powers with reasonableness or common sense. We can expect nearly every single road to be down rated to 20MPH especially if there's a speed camera in the vicinity.
The other problem is that on long stretches where the limits are applied indiscriminately people begin to ignore them, and you might as well be hung for a lion as a lamb, do 50MPH becomes regular !

A long overdue idea - and a high priority area is Cooper Street outside Springhead Infants and Knowsley Junior Schools. Next step - pedestrian crossings on Chew Valley Road, Greenfield.

My main question to this would be; Who is going to enforce it? There are already speed limits and parking restrictions outside schools that are seldom enforced. So who is going to have the resources to enforce a scheme covering all residential roads.

As with any rule or law the problem is enforcement or will it only be used after an accident as taken place.

Why not just bring back the man with the red flag to walk in front and be done with it.

What a total waste of time.

Without enforcement it is futile and there will be ZERO enforcement.

They can't enforce the 30's already in force to fine the selfish arrogant morons doing 40 and 50mph.

How about the 75% of drivers doing 50 in the 30 zone at the bottom of mumps BEFORE it becomes 50?

I drive at 20 in 30mph residential areas because *I* don't want to have to live with destroying someones life because I can't be bothered to take an extra minute.

Utterly selfish people speeders.

One of the best suggestions from councillors in a long time. People should be willing to spend an extra minute or two to keep children safe. I cant think if anything more important.

a good idea. in principle.

just as long as they dont start applying this to main traffic routes too.

years ago roads flowed nicely. then along came closeures to protect residential areas from becoming rat runs.

but in turn those free routes have become rat runs too.

traffic calming should be done carefully to avoid such situations like that.

a lot of oldhams roads need re-assessing as some of the traffic calming measures are over ten years old and have been proven to have failed!

How about re introducing road awareness lessons in schools like the old green cross code? It's not just kids these days that are oblivious to the dangers, it's been that long that even adults are ignorant of risks.

The number of times that adults nearly get run over as they cross a road without looking around is ridiculous. It's even worse when they have the audacity to have a go at the driver through their own stupidity.

It would be handy for councillors to know how many of these children/people were injured on the side roads before the vote. The above reported figures are for both people (2012) and children (2006/2008) and do not mention whether they were on foot, in cars or on main or side roads.

Whatever happened to teaching the green cross code in schools ? Most kids have no road sense what so ever , they just shamble along or walk into the road with their mobiles grafted to their ears totally oblivious to the traffic .They apparently cant even use a pedestrian controlled crossing without a guard to press the button for them .Lets get them taught road safety instead of slowing down the traffic and pandering to the nanny state endemic in this country.

I agree with Glad_I_left & John Price.
Only the other day I had to stop because 3 lads all with hoods up crossed the road without looking and at their own pace. If I had not spotted them in the first instance they would have been run over regardless of speed and I no doubt would have been to blame.
In my opinion most (not all) of teenagers just don't give a monkeys

@OldhamWatcher, what about pedestrians having a duty of care to themselves?
My previous comment illustrates the careless attitude of people when it comes to crossing the road, A lot of people will ignore designated crossing places and just walk out into the road.

Its all well and good for reducing the speed limit, but the pedestrians need to be taught the green cross code too, as how many has anybody seen crossing roads without looking,or taking a chance in between traffic.
I have seen loads, cyclists too, who break the laws, by going up one way streets the other way, ride pavements ect, surely these should be educated that the rights and wrongs of doing so, when we install crossings for them.

As if to prove my point it's just happened again, 3 lads crossed the road without so much as a look.
I protested and was told to "Chill the 'F' out".... Nice!
Different town this time I admit, however still the same.


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