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Fat of the land!

Date online: 05 February 2014

Nearly 70 per cent of Oldhamers overweight
OLDHAM is officially the fattest borough in Greater Manchester - and there’s no quick cure.

A report by Public Health England has revealed that almost 70 per cent of Oldhamers aged 16 and over are overweight — the highest percentage in Greater Manchester.

Professor Martyn Regan, Greater Manchester centre director at Public Health England, said: “There is no silver bullet to reducing obesity. It is an issue that requires action at national, local, family and individual level.

“Local authorities are ideally placed to develop co-ordinated action across their departments, services and partner organisations to tackle obesity in the local population.”

Neighbouring Tameside recorded a similarly high percentage at 69.2 per cent. Trafford had the lowest levels — but even that figure was 59.7 per cent.

Prof Regan added: “Public Health England is committed to helping tackle the levels of people who are overweight and obese in Greater Manchester supporting our local authorities to develop a broad programme of action to reduce levels of excess weight.”

He said that the data will enable local councils to understand the problem in their areas and monitor the progress towards the national ambition of achieving a downward trend in excess weight by 2020.

Carrying excess weight, which is defined in the statistics as having a body mass index (BMI) of more than 25, can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.


Local Authorities are ideally placed ... to grant planning permission to a great number of Asian Take-a-ways! Is there any correlation between the numbers of such local eateries and the BMI of the local residents?

BMI is a crude method of measuring obesity, and doesn't take into account muscle mass.

Apparently I am overweight according to just my BMI, but to look at me you wouldn't know.

Not good, but at least we come in at 45th.

Ban "Take Away" Food Shops -
50 years ago, when I was a Lad in Oldham, there weren't any.
We'd just had 14 years of food rationing, during & After WWII

And where do they get the statistics from? I for one have never been weighed at my GP's and nobody I have spoken to has either???

No surprise here! Walk around the town centre the town centre any day and you see dozens of obese characters waddling around. Its partly a result of the 'Benefits Culture': if they didnt pay so much in Benefits more people would eat sensibly, drink & smoke less and actually be working - and they would be slimmer!

And the announcement last December that McDonald's restaurants in Oldham have teamed up with Oldham Athletic Community Trust to become their official Development Centre partners, doesn't in any way contradict the healthy-eating message of the piece?

This what happens when you fill the town full of fast food shops !

I wonder what the make up is across the genders? Ididsaythat blames high benefits, but only unmarried mothers receive high amounts.

This is why the Government needs to give Councils more authority in planning regulations to limit the number of takeaways allowed in the same location. At the moment you can not refuse planning permission just because there are other similar establishments in the same area. It's the same problem with bookies and needs sorting

It's got nothing to do with fast food shops. I doubt that Oldham has a disproportionate number.Nor has it anything to do with "benefit culture" except that in a low wage area cheap high calorie oven ready meals help families to budget better. just see what some people are buying in Iceland, Aldi or Lidl.

First I'd like to point out I'm on ESA I get 106 every 2 weeks wow yeah I can eat the town on that! I think the simple truth is family's in Oldham are poor and live on cheep fatty foods this making them fatter that and people don't exasize to work off them fatty foods making people FAT its a crying shame we have had an Iran Duncan smith listener here if you want my gad my sickness witch pretty much makes me a prisoner in my own home your welcome to it people are fat coz fresh food costs to much

Lots of good postings on here but one thing seems to have been overlooked, as it usually is in surveys of smoking and drinking, personal responsibility. Shame that we live in an age where blame everybody else is now ubiquitous.

Its often those from deprived area's that simply do not care about their appearance. Oldham is an obvious example. Have a few kids, single parent, rely on benefits and let yourself go. That's my opinion anyway. Many young girls see having a child as a ticket to their own council home. On any given day, how many obese girls do you see pushing prams around the town centre....

@JMTS where did you get your information that obesity has got nothing to do with fast food shops? Please share! And is it only the high street food stores you listed that sell cheap high calorie oven ready meals?

This has just not happened overnight takeaway and to much choice in junk food is a big factor TV advertising etc people with weight prob need help not slagging off its nothing to do with how much benefits there on at all we have grown in to a junk food nation with all the takeaways and ping meals there is to much choice.
also before you tar everyone the same there are some medical conditions that are a weight gain factor and make it even harder to loose weight.
people forget foods an addiction.

@timberwolf - very easy to lay this at the door of people on benefits but seen as though it says 70% of the adult population is obese I doubt 70% of that group are on benefits. I imagine its a much smaller percentage which shows your comment for what it is, i.e. take every opportunity to blame everything on those claiming benefits.

Fresh fruit and veg readily available at Aldi, Lidl etc often do 69p deals for bags of apples, oranges etc so it is available but then again you can get 2 pies/pasties at the pound bakery in Oldham for a £1.00 so go figure... It is a choice matter and nothing to do with benefits unafordability etc.


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