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20mph zone plan speeds ahead

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine and Robbie Gill
Date online: 06 February 2014

OLDHAM’S residential roads could soon have a default 20mph limit.

Odham Council last night unanimously voted to investigate the feasibility of the change.

Liberal Democrat councillors John McCann and Diane Williamson raised the issue, reported on the front page of Tuesday’s Chronicle, citing the dangers for pedestrians.

An average 154 children were involved in accidents in Oldham each year between 2006-2008 - 18 of whom were killed or seriously injured.

In 2012, 464 people were injured on Oldham roads. Three died and 49 were seriously injured.

Councillor McCann said: “As a driver I know it is difficult to make the mental jump needed when moving from travelling at high speed on a motorway to driving at an appropriate speed in a residential area.

“It can take a while for the brain to catch up - but it poses a danger to Oldham’s children.

“I think we need to take advantage of these new government guidelines from the department of transport and look into reducing speed limits in Oldham to 20mph.”


That'll be almost every street In Oldham at 20 MPH then!
Might as well just ignore the speed limits if you want to get anywhere in a reasonable time, after all that's what happens in Ashton now !

I'm not sure that "investigate the feasibility" is necessarily "moving at full speed ahead"

How about the council asking the people they represent what they want instead of just doing the standard knee jerk reaction so prevalent in today's society . Teach people not to walk in the road and they wont be run over .

McCann speak for yourself. My brain has no problem in running down from motorway speeds to 30 mph without mishap. There should be a proper survey of every accident to see whether a vehicle was going over 30 mph at the time of the accident and whether other contributory factors were to blame. 30 mph is a perfectly acceptable speed limit - note I said LIMIT! Most drivers usually adjust their driving to the road conditions which in cases may be even lower than 20 mph.

If McCann really finds it 'difficult to make the mental jump needed when moving from travelling at high speed on a motorway to driving at an appropriate speed in a residential area. ' he should not be on the roads because he is clearly dangerous.

Perhaps he can explain how a 20mph zone will help him make "the mental jump" to an even lower speed!

An APPALLING remark.

Great idea BUT not wishing to put a dampener on it...how is it going to be enforced?

I thought of saying extra police but that would be seen as sarcasm!!!

Read the article carefully. It says "investigate the feasibility" That will take time and if it is deemed feasible in some areas there has to be a statutory consultation. In fact it might effectively be a "kick in the long grass" type of decision.

Who is going to pay for this? There will be countless numbers of road signs required all over the Borough which will cost tens of thousands of pounds to erect/maintain. Enforcement is down to the Police. Given their situation with staff/financial cut backs how do you think they are going to be able to adequately enforce the speed limit to make it effective? Lastly, the only way to slow drivers down is road humps etc. Again costly to implement and residents don't want them outside their homes.

Borg, No doubt the cost would be part of the proposed feasibility study.

I hate road humps and also driving at 20 mph and keeping speed is difficult unless you are in a low power car.


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