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Taxi driver knife terror

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 07 February 2014

A POLICE probe is underway after a terrified cabbie was subjected to a violent attack - one of three incidents since December.

Racist motives have not been ruled out and police believe the crimes could be linked.

The latest drama unfolded in the early hours of Wednesday. Ashiq Pervaz (36), from Oldham’s Shaw Road-based Premier Cars, drove to Dunkerley Street for a fare.

The thugs, who asked to be taken to Sholver, launched a vicious knife attack on the driver as the cab arrived at Sholver’s Pearly Bank, before running off with cash and a phone. Mr Pervaz suffered neck and hand wounds.

Both attackers are described as white, in their early 20s. One is of medium build and height, has light-coloured hair and wore dark clothes. The other wore a black jacket. Both had local accents.

Police Inspector James Troisi said: “We have two separate kinds of attacks — anti-social behaviour and these more serious attacks. This incident is adding to the anxiety of drivers but we are working hard to solve this. Officers are linking-up with drivers and we are implementing more visible policing.”

A first Sholver attack took place in the early hours of New Year’s Day, when four men in their 20s were taken there from Ripponden Road by another cab firm. When they arrived, one put a large knife to the 45-year-old driver’s throat before they stole cash and left the driver with cut hands.

A second Premier Cars taxi was attacked before Christmas when three yobs stoned a car after refusing to pay a £2 fare.

Premier Cars manager Tanveer Hussain said: “The news about Ashiq is very shocking.

“We are starting to get very concerned and have to make sure we take all customers’ details and their location to protect ourselves.”

Five cabbies from the firm protested before Christmas in support of their colleague who suffered blurred vision from the stone attack.


Cowards,lets hope they are found and brought to justice quickly.

I hope the Police catch these mind less idiots I think it is terrible when a man is prepared to work for his living to then be robbed in this way. Hope the drive recovers soon. If any one out there knows these people then turn them in before some one is killed

This is terrible. I can't believe that people who live in the same town as me could do this to another human being. Anybody who has any relevant information should pass it on to the police. If they don't do so, they are as bad as the people who committed this awful crime.

Let's just hope that the police investigate this as much as they do for other potentially racist attacks in the borough.

I think all the cabs and private hire cars should be fitted with CCTV as it works to protect the drivers and public. It has been proven in the south that it reduces this type of thing.


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