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Street terror as family flees burning house

Date published: 10 February 2014

Two adults and four children escaped from a blazing terrace house in Garforth Street, Chadderton on Saturday evening.

Firefighters arrived around 6pm to find fire blazing in the kitchen and thick black smoke billowing out from windows and doors. A smoke alarm allowed the family to get out in good time.

Neighbour Pam Worth, who lives opposite, described the horrifying blaze. A man banged on the window, shouting and gesticulating wildly.

Mrs Worth said: “We all wondered what was going on, then my daughter saw the house behind him was on fire. The door was open and she could see massive flames coming up.

“She called the fire brigade and I ran out, asking if anyone was in the house.

“Black smoke was billowing out of the windows and doors, it was a big fire, and I thought the whole house was going to go. It was terrible, I never want to see anything like it again.”


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