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D-Day looms for 100m Foxdenton scheme

Reporter: Iram Ramzan
Date online: 11 February 2014

CONTROVERSIAL plans for Chadderton’s £100m Foxdenton Lane development reach D-Day tomorrow when they go before Oldham planning committee.

The application is for outline and full planning permission for various parts of the development.

If plans are approved, the massive development will see largely open land transformed into a 120-acre site with up to 500 new homes, a linear park and industrial units including a 700,000 sq ft warehouse.

A new link road and more than 20 acres of public open space between Broadway and Foxdenton Lane would also be created.

Local residents have voiced strong opposition to the plans, including problems with traffic and a lack of local school places. English Heritage and the Chadderton Historical Society, have raised similar concerns. The council received 259 letters of objection when the application was initially submitted last summer; another 47 were sent in response to the revised application.

Other objections include the loss of privacy and light, that it might worsen flood problems in that area, and a possible increase in noise and pollution.

Christina Gater of the Foxdenton and District Protection Group is worried changes are going to slide through the planning process without major concerns being adequately addressed.

But the company behind the plans insists the proposals are in line with planning policy and will bring benefits to Chadderton and the borough as a whole.


Christina Gater of the FDPG is right to voice her concerns about this application sliding through the planning process with major concerns being addressed. The residents I have spoken with are concerned about increased traffic, noise, flooding and air pollution. Others are concerned that the industrial units will never be built and that this is a ruse for OMBC to accept a change of use later on and that the development will become a massive housing estate. I hope residents turn up in numbers.

Linear Park makes it sound like a nice park area but:-

A linear park is a park that is substantially longer than it is wide. It is often formed as a part of a "rails to trails" conversion of antiquated railroad beds to recreational use.(Wikipedia). So basically a path!!!

And what 'benefits to Chadderton' would they be, Mr Coulter? Traffic even more gridlocked than it is now? Even more toxic pollution than at present? 30 metre high warehouses bringing noise and light pollution and few jobs and 500 houses which the local infrastructure can't cope with all being built on greenfield? Sounds delightful.

During the 1800's there used to be a colliery on the site , and closed due to flooding, that is why the fields at the proposed site was left alone as its marsh land, and even now they flood.
With all this weather, perhaps people should look into the history of the town, before spending money for houses, as knowing the developer it would not have looked into these problems.
I don't live near by, but Oldham has got too much traffic already,and not enough green fields now.

I agree wholeheartedly with Katryn.
I have just come back from the farcical planning meeting, none of the real issues were addressed by the councillors other than the one that objected on grounds of traffic.
The chair and his accomplice to his left did not even have the decency to listen to the people speaking, whispering and passing notes during their contribution.
Mr Coulter was a vague as possible on most issues but was never properly challenged.
Shame on the council. My house now worthless.

@johnjiminy - what do you want the Council to do if this application breaks no planning law? They can't refuse it because it will just go to appeal and they will lose. I appreciate the objections you and others have raised but there is no way these wont have been researched thoroughly before a decision is made. This land has been earmarked for development for years so it can't be a surprise when someone wants to build on it

The land in question was not all in the ownership of the council, just because an application is made does not mean it has to be passed. Frustrating the planning committee would not listen, just like local councillors. Read with interest that European Commission has launched legal action against the UK government for failing to protect people’s health from harmful traffic air pollution in Manchester. As we have been told limits on Broadway exceed the legal limit, perhaps this should be pursued


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