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Police probe return of red light street girls

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 11 February 2014

NEW claims about prostitutes operating on Oldham’s streets are being investigated by police — two years after Oldham officers teamed up with the Chronicle in a crackdown.

Local residents have reported witnessing prostitutes soliciting in the Arkwright Street and Featherstall Road areas of Westwood, an area once dubbed Oldham’s red-light district.

One man said he spotted two prostitutes during a five minute walk along Arkwright Street.

“It was only 7pm and I was just walking home but they were out trying to sell themselves.

“I saw a police car go by, but they just put the sirens on and scared them away. I thought that a lot had been done to clean up the streets in the area, but it looks like something needs to be done again.”

During Operation Dalmore, which ran for a year from May 2011, police joined other agencies to help prostitutes get themselves out of the game.

Insp Alan Humphries from the Oldham Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “I would like to assure the community that our officers continue to patrol the streets and address issues about kerb crawlers or other matters that may be of concern.”


' put the sirens on and scared them away ' you couldn't make it up. Modern policing at its best.

Who said Metrolink wouldn't bring anyone to Oldham?


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