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Thumbs-up for Olympic legacy

Reporter: Alex Carey
Date online: 12 February 2014

PLANS for Oldham’s new £15 million sports centre have received good feedback from the public after going on display.

The detailed plans, revealing the appearance and layout of the new centre due to open in autumn 2015, are on display in the current sports centre in Lord Street.

The new building, to be built on the former Aldi supermarket site at the junction of Manchester Street and St Domingo Street, includes a 25m, eight-lane swimming pool, a separate learner pool, seats for 250 spectators, an eight-court sports hall, an 80-station fitness studio, exercise studios and a four-rink indoor bowls hall as well as other facilities.

PE teacher Jon Thompson (28) was impressed with the plans, saying: “It will influence the youth of Oldham to get involved in physical activity. It is a great plan which will hopefully bring something to the community.”

The current sports centre will not close until the new centre is complete.


Olympic legacy? So a learner pool and no diving pit? What is Olympic about that? Indoor bowls? How many bowling greens do we have? Seats for 250 spectators?

its a shame theres nothing Olympic about it.
no national standard (olympic size) 50m pool.
no olympic standard diving pool.

i know i certainly wont be using these facilities. they're not fit for purpose!

yet another il-thought out regeneration scheme that fall miles short of what oldham deserves and more importantly needs!

after all this is meant to be the boroughs main sports centre.

Amazing isn't it, how Oldham council always seems to find only positive feedback from the public, when clearly (papers and sites like this) public opinion is against the project.
Just like the Metro that no Oldhamers wanted, and the council managed only to hear good things.

OMBC you do not listen, you do not consider, and thus you keep misrepresenting us.

What rubbish, may as well keep the old sports this new one sounds rubbish. Oldham had the chance to bring in money from building a sports centre that would attract people from other areas. Don't no why they haven't built a swimming baths that had slides and a wave machine. they haven't capitalised on the new metro link that will bring people to the town. if there are leisure facilities that people especially kids love they will come from miles

I can't understand the negativity in these comments! They're a real improvement on the current sites and it will be great that all of the Oldham facilities across the town will be up to date.

Olympic athlete's start their journey in their local facilities and always have - Thank goodness Rebecca Adlington didn't say "I'm not going to bother cos its not 50 metres long" when she started out!!

Get involved, get active, then maybe you won't be "fed up"??

Fedupoldhamer, I wont be too, I used to use the diving pool alot, and if this council cannot provide one then I certainly wont be bothering using the pool.
If the current council had any sense, they would have listened to various peoples views, then people would not moan as much, but alas the public of Oldham are shunned as normal into second rate citizens when it comes to regeneration.Oldham's will be not as good as most towns!!

Very nice, but - with a bit of thought a diving pool could be accommodated. What about utilizing the space of the former Sainsbury's as an extension to the Aldi site? this could house the sportshall, bowling greens etc. allowing more of the Aldi site to be used for a 50m Olympic standard pool with diving and learner pools.

I get really fed up with all this moaning about the decision not to provide a 50m pool. How often in a year would a the full length of the pool be needed or used? One of the major running costs for a sports stadium is maintaining the temperature Of the pool. OCL would be heating an unnecessary 2400 cu metres of water everyday. Hardly value for money.

PositiveBoutOldham. when rebecca adlington started out she used her local facilities. which was probably a 25m pool.
probably on par with the likes of saddleworth, chadderton, failsworth, royton and shaws pools.
they are local pools.

but oldham is the borough's pool and main sports centre. this should be at minimum 50m.

oldham already excels at swimming. most up and coming talent start off in 25m pools. but then elevate to bigger pools to improve.

this wont be happening in the future!

@MyNamesUnavailable - what is amazing is how anyone on here can not ever believe that other people may actually like what is being proposed. Just because a minority of people who like to moan about everything are against something doesn't mean there are people out there who like the plans. I know lots of people who like this proposal and god forbid the Metrolink.

@fedupoldhamer - I don't think you need Olympic size facilities to have an Olympic legacy. I don't remember anyone fighting for grass tennis courts when Murray won gold or anyone arguing for a snowboard slope now we won a bronze in Sochi. The plain facts are costs. The diving pool and a 50m pool must be too costly to maintain to justify their continued inclusion when a new facility can be built for the greater majority. I sympathise with those regular diving users but its just not sustainable

@JMTS: It's not just the length of the pool that people are unhappy with. It's the lack of a diving pool, and the removal of other things like the climbing wall and squash courts.

A 50m pool could be used in two sections, one for public swimming and one for the serious lane swimmers. The current 33m pool in Oldham can get very crowded at times.

A 50m would also be able to hold regional and national events, bringing money in to pay for the heating.

well oldhams current 33m and diving pool gets used all the time. so its not really uneccesary if it gets used.

and as many who've trained there past and present have said.
"its a shame they never built a 50m pool"

you only need to go and look at stockports main pool to see how popular a 50m pool can be.

oldham is missing a prime oppotunity to offer more than towns like ashton and rochdale.
but this is just more of what we already have.

so oldham wont be attracting people from far and wide!

@JMTS Your concern for OCL is touching. It's in a bad spot, it's not as good as the current provision and it's not been revealed how this is being funded. people have every right to be unhappy about it.

Hope the council do their sums right remember Chadderton!!

@ProDriver. A bad spot? It's on or adjacent to virtually every bus route passing through the town. It's within minutes from Metrolink. It's between the Oldham College and the Sixth Form college and within a stones throw of the University Centre. Whether or not the provision is better or not is a value judgement. Its facilities are different. As for cost? It's investment in Oldham's future.

JMTS: One of the major running costs for a sports stadium is maintaining the temperature Of the pool. OCL would be heating an unnecessary 2400 cu metres of water everyday. Hardly value for money.
Its facilities are different. As for cost? It's investment in Oldham's future.

So is cost a problem or not?
As other people have said the 50m would be used as the current one is always busy plus it would attract the outsiders and hold events. Since it will be 25m I will carry on going to my local.

it would be more popular if it was open longer too!

all OCL facilities shut at 9pm now. which for most working people is not convenient.

i used to use the OCL facilities at oldham almost every day. but when they cut back opening times it wasnt worth me having a annual membership with them.

i now use a local private gym that does open later on in the evening and is much more flexable. occasionally i use OCL pools.

if OCL had better facilities open longer they'd attract more customers too.

What doesn't seem to have been considered here is that Oldham has a population of over 220,000 and yet has the least water space sqm within Greater Manchester. This new centre will further reduce the water space!! How will this serve future generations? The current centre is already over crowded with a 33m pool!!

Can I suggest that if you're not happy with the proposed plans submit an objection to the planning department based on loss of amenities!! Application No. PA/335065/14


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