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Fire chief turns up heat on union ‘scare’

Date published: 12 February 2014

A FIRE service chief has blasted “scaremongering” comments by a trade union representative about changes to local shifts.

Assistant county fire officer Paul Argyle has responded to Dave German, a Fire Brigades Union steward at Chadderton Fire Station, published in the Chronicle on Friday.

Mr German was speaking about changes to crews at the Chadderton station on Broadway, where two manned fire engines 24 hours a day have been reduced to one, with the other unmanned in reserve.

Mr Argyle said: “This is unnecessary scaremongering and residents should be reassured that there is sufficient resources to provide fire cover at all times. Public safety is Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s top priority and local residents should be reassured we plan how and where we are using our resources by analysing many years worth of data.

“There are now fewer fires because of the work we’ve been doing fitting smoke alarms and raising fire safety awareness.

“Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has a fleet of 56 fire engines, which are mobilised county-wide and moved around by skilled 999 control room staff minute by minute.

“The bottom line is if you dial 999 in the event of a fire, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service will be there.”


The word missing at the end of the last sentence is - "Eventually". He is also missing out the fact that the speed and weight of an initial response helps saves more lives, prevents more damage and is also there for the safety of crews who have to go into fires. If back up fire engines are some time away this inevitably delays firefighters entering a building. Something that Mr Argyle was grateful for when he was a firefighter and not an apologist and yes man that he is now.

This bloke was not scaremongering - he was being honest and direct in telling the public exactly how it is!

I'd much rather have the right resources I place should I need them, than not have the right resources in place...........yes, it saves money, but at what true cost? How long before these cuts cost lives?

Mr Argyle must have been a member of the FBU when he was a fireman. Has he forgot what its like to be on the pointy end ?


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