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Hunt for hammer thugs who attacked pensioner

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine and Dawn Marsden
Date online: 12 February 2014

A FRIGHTENED grandmother has described the terrifying moment her 69-year-old husband suffered a fractured skull in an horrific hammer attack in their home.

Sixty-nine-year-old grandfather Martin Higgins desperately tried to protect his wife when two thugs kicked open the door of their Spencer Street, Higginshaw, bungalow in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Sue Higgins (63) said her husband was viciously attacked while watching television.

As the raiders entered Mr Higgins was confronted by one of the robbers, who swung at him with a hammer.

The stunned grandad-of-six managed to crawl to his bedroom, where the couple barricaded themselves in as the thugs took a phone and handbag.

The raging robbers repeatedly stabbed at the bedroom door with a knife before running off.

Mrs Higgins said: “It was such a shocking and scary thing to have happened to us. I still can’t believe it.

“Martin was just sitting in the living room watching TV while I went to bed.

“The men just came in screaming “Where is the money?” and attacked Martin, but I have no idea why our home was targeted.”

Evidence of the attack was clearly visible with blood splattered around the home, kick marks on doors and debris on the floor.

The first man is described as skinny and about 5ft 8in tall. He was wearing a thin, light-blue hooded jacket and dark trousers and carried what is described as a small sledgehammer. His accomplice was of a similar build and height.

Detective Constable Andrew Day said: “You only have to look at the violence the intruders showed to establish they are two determined and dangerous criminals. It’s so important we take them off the streets.”

Police will make extra patrols in the area over the next few days to reassure residents

Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800-555 111.


Absolute and utter scum. They have to be caught and only a long term in prison would be right for this crime, despite the opinions of certain people on here. Personally I would weld the lock up.

Cowardly scum of the earth Thugs! It's about time this sort of vermin are caught and punished properly. No more do-gooder human rights nonsense for this type of vermin. Birching them would be a start!

Catch the filthy scum and birch them before jailing them and making them do hard labour like rock breaking . This country is too easy on scroats like this , they need dealing with harshly so it sends a message out to the other dregs of humanity that this behaviour will no longer be tolerated .

Prison no deterrent they want working on

Bring back the death penalty with the execution made public. Anybody can then go and cheer loudly as they are swinging from their ropes. Leave the bodies swinging for a day or two in the open and allow members of the public to throw stones at their rotting corpses. This applies to everyone who commits such vile acts as this.

Scum bags what more can one say.

council financial help for elderly people to have security cameras installed at their homes. I've said this before and it would help deter and identify attackers. Police making extra patrols after the fact will not, in my opinion reassure people. How many of these types of attacks do we need to have before some real action takes place? If nothing is done someone will die.

I never thought I'd say this but a bit of Arabic justice is required in cases like this. They won't be able to go wielding hammers and stealing without hands.

this has made me so angry. we were the victims of a home assault 18 months ago for the keys to our car. my husband was assaulted and as a result apart from the stress it caused us, we have had to move house at a significant financial cost to us. scum. shoved out on a prison ship in the middle of the north sea with bread and water should suffice

Yes, we too have been victims when we were subjected to 4 males brandishing machetes who forced their way into our house only 14 months ago, by using my partner to gain access to the house when she went to move the car off the road. Unfortunatey, it will get worse before it gets better unless the Government get their act together and what's worse, is that we keep these scum whether they are locked up or not because they will, no doubt, claim off the state and are 3rd/4th generation misfits.


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