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Bus lanes remain suspended

Reporter: Gillian Potts
Date online: 13 February 2014

HIGHWAY bosses have clarified confusion over bus lanes on Huddersfield Road.

There were fears that lengthy delays and commuter chaos could be reintroduced by the reinstatement of the lanes, which were scrapped in 2011 as work began on Metrolink.

Concerns were raised earlier this week when blue bus lane signs reappeared on posts alongside the more recent suspension signs.

The old bus lanes angered thousands of drivers for the congestion they caused on one of the busiest roads out of Oldham.

But a spokesman for Oldham Council explained there is no plan to bring back the bus lanes.

“We have made a commitment to Transport for Greater Manchester to review this, but this is not going to be in the near future.

“Two signs Oldham-bound, which were covered up, look to have been removed. The signs are to be covered up as soon as possible.”


The bus lanes in Failsworth cause nothing but delays for both public and private transport. Buses sit in queues waiting for the lane as cars wait to enter single lanes. What a waste of time for everyone. Get rid of them all.

The delays continue. The exit from Tesco towards Waterhead caused a number of predictable problems, that no end of yellow paint has resolved. Ditto the junction at Ripponden Road with the A62.

i hope they never do return! there arent enough buses running along this route to warrent the bus lanes.

the road flows well currently since the tram works finished. buses that do run along there flow just as well if not better like this.

if they reintroduce them they'll find the road congested again.

and when that happens the buses along ripponden road dont feel benefits anyway as they get held up in the rest of the traffic!

its common sense!

The sign says 'Bus lane suspended,use both lanes'.
How can that be confusing ???

Why not simply remove them and get rid of some ugly street signage? What on earth has this got to do with TfGM?

Common sense? From the highways dept?

Pinch me!

Get rid of the waste of time bus lane on Ashton Rd also!

@get it right: The issues there are mainly down to poor driving, not just the road layout. Some drivers feel an overwhelming urge to get to the back bumper of the car in front, regardless of where that car is!

Is waiting another couple of minutes for the road to clear really such a hardship? Don't some drivers realise that their impatience just causes more delays for everyone else?

I believe Liverpool has done away with some of its bus lanes as an experiment to see if traffic flows do indeed increase and congestion is reduced. It might be a good idea for Oldham Highways to be in touch with LIverpool and see what results they obtain when the experiment concludes.


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