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Sniffer dog smokes out stash of cigs

Reporter: Iram Ramzan
Date online: 14 February 2014

THOUSANDS of pounds worth of illegal and counterfeit tobacco was seized in a raid on a local business.

Oldham Council Trading Standards and the North West Trading Standards Illicit Tobacco team went to Polski Sklep on Yorkshire Street following a tip it might have illegal cigarettes.

A specialist tobacco sniffer dog uncovered 35,500 cigarettes and 14.5 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco concealed around the building, worth around £10,000.

A regular customer said: “It was only a matter of time before they got busted. It was so upfront the way it was being done.”


what a shame nice people own that shop too oh well suppose i'll have to buy my tobacco from the shop now and pay the extra £10 tax that the goverment adds as for mr higgins i am sick of him preaching to us like a stalinist state why doesn't he call for an outright ban on the sale of cigarettes
oh sorry forgot 12 billion a year in tax keeps a few hospitals open then...

Have a read of this, then tell us you would willingly buy counterfeit tobacco!


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