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MP in benefits debate

Date published: 19 February 2014

OLDHAM East and Saddleworth MP Debbie Abrahams appeared on Newsnight to discuss sanctions on benefit claimants this week.

The Labour MP used Oldham examples and stories of her constituents when discussing the problems jobseekers face. She told the BBC show: “I had one constituent who had done everything required of him in terms of job-seeking. He’d turned up and was applying for loads of jobs. He was still sanctioned.

“We have considerable evidence, not just from me, to show the sanctions are inappropriate.

Mrs Abrahams agreed that sanctions were an “important principle”, but that they should be a “last resort”.

After the programme Mrs Abrahams added: “No-one is arguing with the fact that anyone who is on benefits should do all they can to find appropriate work.

“But this government has gone beyond the pale by using underhand tactics and creating a culture in which Jobcentre Plus advisers are expected to sanction claimants to manipulate unemployment data.”


I agree that there are many issues which jobseekers are facing but cannot help but think if Labour had not encouraged the benefits culture in the first place, we would simply not be in this position.

Typical Labourite , give anybody and everybody lots of benefits without thinking who was paying for it then blame the Tories for trying to dig us out of the huge money pit sink hole Labour left us in . Can you imagine the state this country will be left in if (sorry ,when , knowing the mindless Labour voters ) Labour get hold of the purse string again ?

Now what we need to know is how many people were suspended before the coalition came to power, and how many there are currently to see if there genuinely has been an increase.

We then need to know how many of those currently suspended are those whom Ms Abrahams suggests should be sanctioned 'as a last resort', and how many are 'inappropriate'. Not an easy task.
Mark Karney the BoE Chair has realised the UK unemployment statistics are bogus since coming from Canada !

I feel sorry for the genuine claimants but,there are a lot of claimants who are playing the system,never had a job or elected to go to college to learn a skill.The quicker these people are weeded out the better for everyone.

People need to realise there are no quality jobs out there. I have had first hand experience of being sanctioned, and you really don't want to hear why. The real job opportunities are very few and far between, unless you have qualification/experience. I also think the percentage of scroungers is low although I have no figures to prove this.
Although I didn't vote for Debbie she is trying to do something positive for people who actually need help and that isn't a bad thing.

My Nephew had a job for 12+ years working for the DWP, he was made redundant, he applied to work for the MOD run by Balfour Beatty.
They took him on in March last year, gave him a job with a start date in June, so all his unemployment/job seekers benefits stopped.

Started work June last year worked until first week in November then discovered he was now on Zero Hours Contract, so has had only 14 hours work in TOTAL SINCE LAST NOVEMBER, no benefits, nothing, 14 hours at minimum rate in 4 months.


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