No donor match yet for Nicola

Date published: 19 February 2014

AN “overwhelming” number of people have volunteered to give a Shaw woman a life-saving kidney since the Chronicle ran the story last week.

But Nicola King, 32 and a mother of six, is still in need of a match. Simon King (34) is hoping more potential donors come forward to give his wife a chance of health.

Mr King set up a Facebook group “The wife wants a kidney” to help find a donor organ for Nicola, who has suffered kidney disease for 10 years and in dire need of a transplant.

Mr King said: “There have been a few more people coming forward, which is great, but Nicola still doesn’t have what she needs - and I’m not going to stop trying.”

Nicola has eight hours of dialysis a day. Mr King remains optimistic about his wife’s chances of a matching donor coming along.

He said: “I am sure we will get there, but I want anyone willing to donate a kidney to know that we still need their help.”

The Facebook group can be found at