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Eva’s a mum on a mission

Date online: 19 February 2014

A DELPH mum who had to endure cancer chemotherapy during pregnancy is now on a mission to raise awareness of the disease.

Eva Royle (39) of Thurston Clough Road was 25 weeks pregnant when she found a lump in her breast. Doctors diagnosed cancer and she began treatment in January 2013.

“Right from the start the doctors were very reassuring about the safety of my baby - but said not starting treatment right away wasn’t an option.

“Because of my age they said they were going to throw everything at me to fight the cancer so it really made me think about my own mortality and what would happen to the kids and my husband Darren if I wasn’t here.

“I was told that being pregnant actually helps your body to counteract some of the effects of chemo, because you have more white blood cells rushing around. Treatment made me tired but I was heavily pregnant and I had two babies to look after - so I would have been tired anyway.”

Eva — also mum to Melina (17), Libby (4) and Matty (2) — endured three rounds of chemotherapy before Sam was delivered healthy on March 9.

She said: “They had to time Sam’s arrival between chemo sessions so I had a few weeks at home with him before I had to go for more treatment. After he was born I had surgery, radiotherapy and four more rounds of chemo. My treatment finished in October last year and I am now in remission.”

Eva joined a Facebook group — YBCN (Younger Breast Cancer Network) — where she was able to talk to women under 45 who also had the disease.

“It’s hard when you get cancer at this age because most of the other people having treatment are a generation older. You can feel very isolated.

“I want to tell people that younger women can get breast cancer too, so I would urge everyone to check their breasts regularly and seek help if they suspect a problem. The earlier you detect the cancer the better your chance.”

Eva is also raising money for Breast Cancer Care and has organised a number of events with friends.

On Friday there will be a charity fashion show at Uppermill Civic Hall and in April, Eva and her husband Darren will run the London Marathon.

Eva’s father-in-law, former Latics manager Joe Royle, is helping with the fundraising mission and will give a talk at the Players Theatre in Millgate, Delph, on Friday, March 28.

Anyone wanting to donate can visit www.justgiving.com/Evaroyle.


Wishing you and your family good health and happiness for the future.


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