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Soul fans flock to see night of legends

Reporter: ALEX CAREY
Date online: 20 February 2014

SOUL fans from far and wide flocked to Oldham’s Queen Elizabeth Hall last night for the star-studded Legends of Soul concert.

The line-up starred greats of the genre - the Three Degrees’ Sheila Ferguson, Percy Sledge, Dennis Edwards, Little Anthony and Cece Peniston, and also featured Oldham singer Louise Marshall.

Hosted by “I’m a Celebrity” star David Gest, the event provided local soul fans with an opportunity to reminisce on Oldham’s soul scene in the 1970s and meet up with old friends.

Neil Wood (54), a health and safety officer from Oldham, said: “I have always been into soul music and used to go to Cat’s Whiskers in Oldham in the 70s.

“To have some of the best soul artists ever all in the same show in Oldham is amazing.

“I have bumped into so many old friends tonight that I met at soul nights years ago and it’s really nice to look back and remember old times.”

One Swansea man travelled for four hours from Wales to see the show because he couldn’t get a ticket for the tour’s visit to slightly-closer North Wales. David Jones (53), said: “I was gutted when I couldn’t go to the show near me. I just had to make this one.

“I am such a big fan of Little Anthony I would have driven here to see him even if he just stood there and did nothing.”


Swansea mighht be geographically closer to North Wales, but riving or by train Oldham is far far easier and quicker to get to. For example, Holyhead to London - less than 3 hours by train. Holyhead to Cardiff? nearly 7 hours by train. Driving Holyhead to Cardiff/London is 6/4


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