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Jobless rise bucks trend

Date online: 20 February 2014

OLDHAM has seen a rise in the number of people out of work in the town, despite the continuing fall in national unemployment levels.

The total number of people out of work in the borough in January was 5,072 - a rise of 144 on the December figure. January is the key month for temporary workers hired over Christmas to reach the end of their employment

But the figures are significantly better than the same period last year - with 2,989 fewer people out of work. Currently 3,141 men are looking for a job, and 1,931 women.


What the figures don't also show is the Dis-proportionate number of young people out of work in this Borough.

The "GET OLDHAM WORKING" initiative the council is running is clearly working then!!

Does anyone believe that it will ever get better?

Wonder if this figure takes into account the number on Universal Credit which Oldham is one of the pilot offices, they have been left off the national statistics.

how many people are there who have had their benefit suspended so they make the figures artificially lower than they should be?
Since 2012 more than 800 000 people have had their benefits suspended a ridiculous figure which equates to more than a quarter of claimants !

Youth unemployment in Oldham currently 905 people aged 18-24 claiming JSA. This represents a monthly decrease of 3.7% and an annual decrease of 59.9% (largest annual decrease across GM).

the 'unemployment figure' does not include people on disability, people who work just a few hours a week and ,as stated, ones with their benefit suspended. This figure of 5,072 out of work is a blind to cover the truth.


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