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Make mumís last days bearable

Date online: 20 February 2014

THE family of a dying mum-of-three are hoping to raise enough money to make her last few months bearable.

Charlene Reynolds (33) was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour last May and told she had only up to a year to live.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy have shrunk the 7cm tumour but her condition is terminal.

Two months before she was diagnosed, Charlene — mum to Shannon (14), Connor (12) and Courtney (9) — started to get chronic headaches, blurred vision and nausea. Her doctor advised an eye test. Visits to the Oldham and Salford hospitals also failed to give her a reason for her problems.

Only when Charlene’s mum Jane demanded referral to a neurologist was the tumour detected. By this time it was too late to help her. Charlene’s condition rapidly deteriorated.

Charlene moved in with her mum in Boarshaw, Middleton and she and Charlene’s sister Lynette provide constant care. Charlene’s children were dispersed among the family as Jane’s house is too small to accommodate them. They visit their mum as often as possible.

Charlene, now virtually immobile relies on her mother for almost everything.

Vast alterations are needed at Jane’s two-bedroom home and the family is doing everything it can to raise the money needed to keep Charlene comfortable.

“It is sad that we have to raise funds and beg for every penny just to give her basic things. We want to care for her in her own home, but we desperately need help.

Charlene’s family has organised a fund-raising event at the Millbeck Social Club in Langley on April 19. All the money raised will be used to help with adaptation work.

Anyone willing to help can visit www.gofund.me/6f3pks or call Jane on 0161-879 3960.


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