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Bid to promote social housing

Date published: 21 February 2014

PROPOSALS to encourage more residents to see social housing as an option following the introduction of the controversial “bedroom tax” will be discussed at Oldham Council’s Cabinet meeting on Monday.

Social landlords across Oldham have seen a fall in demand for two and three-bedroom flats, maisonettes and some houses since householders started to be penalised for having empty bedrooms.

Proposals for cabinet include amendments to the housing-related debt policy, eligibility to join the housing register and a reduction in the number of reasonable refusals of housing offers by an applicant from three to just one.

This will ensure customers, who can view details of properties online, take greater responsibility when placing bids and only bid for homes in which they are genuinely interested.

The council is to relaunch its WorkingXtra initiative, to increase the number of lets to those in work, training, volunteering or caring for a household member.

Councillor Dave Hibbert, Cabinet member for environment and housing, said: “Many people often don’t think social housing is for them, but there are houses available across the borough and we want to encourage people who are adding value to the community to consider them as an option.”


Private sector asks people to house share - up to age 35!
What's wrong with social housing looking at this as an option?

That'd sort out empty bedrooms and help people have a lower share of energy bills.

Try private landlords as the bedroom tax doesn't include them (yet) .You can have a 5 bedroom house for a single person if you can afford it .

john prince is wrong,the last labour government started this policy with private sector housing, the present Tory/libdem government have just extended it to include council and social housing.

Social landlords have had it their way for years. Under occupying properties and allowing the benefits system OR the tax payer to foot the bill. Prioritizing benefit recipients over working persons has gone on for a long time (on average 72% of tenants in receipt of benefits). Only now with implementation of the bedroom tax are social landlords starting to sit up and beg occupation from those they once shunned!


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