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Spindles sex attack man cleared

Reporter: Don Frame
Date online: 24 February 2014

A MAN alleged to have subjected a teenage girl to a sexual attack in the Spindles shopping centre has been cleared after a three-day trial.

A jury at Manchester Crown Court took 40 minutes to find 25-year old Mohammed Hassan not guilty on all four counts.

Mr Hassan, of Windsor Road, Oldham, had denied two allegations of sexual assault, and two of attempted rape on August 26 - Bank Holiday Monday - last year.

The girl, who was 19 at the time of the alleged incident, claimed she had been approached by Mr Hassan who chatted her up. She said he later approached her again when he forcibly pinned her against a brick wall near a car park exit at the centre.

The girl told police he had been “steamed”, with wide staring eyes. “I could tell he was high” she said.

She said when she first saw him, he had a joint in his hand.

The trial jury was told when his attempts to persuade her failed, he tried to remove her trousers and pants to rape her.

After struggling with him she ran to tell security officers.

The trial jury heard Mr Hassan didn’t deny being with the girl on the day, but his version of events was that the activity had been entirely consensual. He strongly denied allegations of sexual assault and attempted rape.


its about time the lady`s were named in cases like this why name the man the hurt him and his family have been through its a shame come on courts and solicitors get it sorted please .

If she was telling the truth she was denied justice.

If he was telling the truth she was a vindictive liar and should be charged.

I don't know which is the case as I wasn't on the jury but we have to trust they heard the evidence and made the right judgement.

No winners.


Yet again we have a man accused of rape named in the media, and then found to be innocent! How can this be fair?

The problem with these cases is the man is effectively ruined even if found not guilty. For instance had he been a teacher, or a youth worker etc etc there is no way he would be allowed to go back to it despite being an innocent man - 'just in case'. Surely, if the accused is found not guilty, then the accuser should be charged with wasting Police time and malicious complaint..

what kind of person would even want to engage in such a manner against a brick wall in broad daylight ? Shame on the pair of them I say ... and I do agree, if he was cleared, she should be named and shamed

as usual in cases like this the perpetrator is always assumed guilty and the victim innocent. If found to be not guilty the accused has to live with this slur on their character.

The CPS and police seem in utter disarray when it comes to indecent/sexual assault charges and prosecutions. The gap between what the CPS think they need and what the courts consider to be proof of guilt is obviously too wide. If this alleged assault had happened 40 years ago would the CPS still prosecuted the case? I guess not, it's no wonder some celebrities feel hard done by.


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