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Jim is nationís top council leader

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 26 February 2014

OLDHAM Council chief Jim McMahon has been named Council Leader of the Year.

He received the award last night at a local government gathering in London celebrating some of the best work done by councillors across the country.

The annual Councillor Achievement Awards championed the strong leadership and direction Councillor McMahon has brought to the borough since taking on the role in 2011.

The Labour leader said: “It is an honour. I am very surprised that people involved in Oldham have taken the trouble to make the nomination. As humbling as this award is, it is recognition for the outstanding co-operative and partnership work taking place in Oldham, of which I am one part.

“Oldham is very much at a tipping point and it would all not be possible without the collective support and action from residents, local businesses, the voluntary and community sector, council staff and councillors.”

The awards recognise councillors who go over and above what is expected of them to make a difference to their communities.

Councillor McMahon was chosen by a panel of judges made up of councillors and local government experts, who praised him for his strong leadership, improvement in services delivery and for ushering in a “remarkable transformation” that has made Oldham an “ambitious and effective council’.

Councillor McMahon became one of the youngest council leaders in the country when he took control of Oldham Council at 30 in 2011 after spending three years as leader of the opposition.

Norman Stoller CBE, chair of the Stoller Charitable Trust and Freeman of the Borough, said of him: “At a time of great challenge Jim has demonstrated amazing vision, determination, great negotiation skills and an ability to gain the support both of his council colleagues and the backing of those who live and work in Oldham.”


McMahon has a lot of expensive schemes in the pipeline, let's hope all this public investment doesn't lead to OMBC going bust. McMahon seems to have won this award on the back of being a Co-operative Borough. Nationally the Co-operative Bank is set to post a £2 billion loss. The omens are not good.

Well deserved, Jim has a vision for Oldham, and has backed it with his tireless work and communication with the people of Oldham.
The most positive Councillor for 50 years, he backs his words with action.
thank you Jim McMahon from the people of Oldham

Well done and well deserved Jim. This is not only a great personal achievement but a national honour for Oldham Borough. The last few years have seen Oldham rising in stature and shaking off the failing of the past. Keep up the good work!

great well done jim now let's hope 1 of the top london borough's offer you a great job at the going rate of course..yes men surrounded by yes men..

I'm sure there'll be a long queue of people lining up to have a pop so I'll get my praise in early!
Well done young man. The work you've helped to initiate after years of stagnation should help set up the town for years to come.

That's great Jim but at what cost, the loans this Council has taken out to build your utopia is costing 7million pounds a year in interest alone that's before you start paying back the lone, that's £7million to be found each year no wonder we are the pothole capital of the world. £7million for Jim's prize.

Councillor McMahon's certainly had his fair share of criticism on this forum over the years. But credit where credits due. He's always fought tooth and nail for Oldham's best interests.

Living in Chadderton, and seeing my relatives and neighbours devastated over the last couple of days I think I may have missed something somewhere. Where is his support now for people affected by the start of the clear up for this new access road? Will he go and visit people to reassure them that this is for their best interests? I think not.

Well done Councillor McMahon lets hope this brings a bit more Oldham first and bit less partisan politics from all our councillors.

@Barros - If true then we are goosed. Spend now, go bankrupt later, when the spender has gone!!!!

Jim. It's time to come clean on the amount that this council has borrowed to pay for the schemes if you dare?

Who nominated him? That is the question. These awards are usually self-nominating or are done so by party colleagues, so not open to the public. Indeed these awards tend not to get many nominations, thus the quorum is so low that the chance of winning is much more likely.

StFrancis that's a very good question who did nominate him, but like the massive debts I believe Oldham is running up we will never know just remember first time labour lost control £10 million in debt second time £20million , how much next time


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