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We’re not on hit list - head

Date published: 26 February 2014

THE chain which runs Oldham Academy North is to be stripped of 10 of its academies because of concerns over education standards.

The Department for Education (DfE) says it has taken “swift action” against E-ACT after inspectors found serious weaknesses. New sponsors will now be found for the 10 schools of the 34 schools which it runs.

Though the schools haven’t been named, E-ACT-sponsored Oldham Academy North in Royton has confirmed it is NOT affected.

Principal Colette Burgess has assured parents, staff and governors it’s “business as usual”.

“Ofsted has declared us to be a good school and 64 per cent of our year 11 students have already secured the highest grades in their English GCSE exams. The support of our families, governors and the education team at E-ACT has been key to our success and will remain so in the future.”

Oldham Academy North replaced Grange School in 2010, before moving into a new £16.8 million building in Broadway last April.

E-ACT is the country’s second biggest academy sponsor, running primary, secondary and combined schools.


An academy with a 35% GCSE pass rate this year, recognised nationally as one of the 100 schools for the lowest attainment, GCSE results due to early entries, sitting exams with multiple exam boards and exam resits and a principal on a £100,000 a year is a waste of tax payers money. In the end it’s the young people of Oldham who suffer. This is one academy that needs to be shut down or handed back to the DFE.

didn't want this academy in Royton anyway, shut it down

@aunty jack - what an inciteful point! Lets close down a school just because someone doesn't like it being there. Very rational


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