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Deadline looms to save town’s last green space

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 27 February 2014

HUNDREDS of flyers have been distributed by residents around Shawside Park in the fight to save the only remaining green space in central Shaw.

With one day left for residents to have their say on the future of the Cowlishaw Lane park, objections have flooded in to halt possible development — forcing an extension of the deadline last week.

Plans to allocate the site for housing were mooted in Oldham Council’s options report — detailing the best possible uses of sites throughout Shaw and Crompton.

Residents have come out in force against plans to develop the site. Beryl Hacking, a local resident for 40 years, said: “I’m very much against this because it’s the only open green space left around here and the local children use it all the time. If it goes ahead for housing it will cause chaos down here. It isn’t fit to have heavy traffic.

Shaw and Crompton Parish Council chairman councillor Dave Murphy has been inundated with objections from residents: “This is about making it 10 times harder for anything to be built on the site in future years and trying to safeguard Shawside Park. This is not about scaremongering, it is about informing the local community about something that could happen in years to come if we don’t object.”


Good luck with your fight! It's happened in far too many places throughout Shaw in previous years. Look at Wren's Nest in the 1970s, Very soon, you will live with concrete and brick everywhere. No space will be allowed to play football and cricket! No good having extended summertime "light" hours when there will be nowhere left to enjoy it will there?

More building because of massive over population caused by the rampant immigration. Will the last person out please turn off the lights?

I cycle through this park and the majority of users are people with dogs. However, you do see kids playing football etc. The embankment around the edge is very popular with kids to sledge down when it snows.
If the council really want to get people on their side then they should spend some money and build a play park for kids and keep the rest of the park for dog owners

I think Oldham MBC's stategy should be to encourage development on Brownfield sites primarily and not public parks.

That said, there isn't much room anywhere around Shaw! Outline permission was granted for houses on the Steel fabrication place next to the railway line a couple of years ago.

Was there not once a park there with swings and roundabouts? We do not want houses on every square piece of land, we need to control immigration and hit the problem at the source.


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