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Lifting Mumps from the dumps

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 28 February 2014

THE long-awaited regeneration of Oldham Mumps is starting to take shape.

Plans have been approved for a new restaurant, bar and offices in a former nightclub.

Planning officers have approved a change of use for 9 -11 Mumps, which housed the Dreamers nightclub until 2000 and the Aladdin’s Cave store.

The site - empty for several years - is directly opposite the new Oldham Mumps Metrolink stop.

The development, by applicant D&P holdings, marks the first step in the regeneration of the area, which has been in decline for over 30 years.

The plans say the three-storey building will include a bar and restaurant on the ground and first floors, with offices on the second floor. No parking provision has been included.

The building is in good condition and no outside alterations are needed to change its use.

Other vacant buildings nearby have been bought and demolished by the council as part of the plan for an “Eastern Gateway” investment zone, with shops, offices, leisure and home developments.


How strange - a restaurant, bar and a floor of offices without any parking.

It sounds promising, although the plans are not being brought by national chain it sounds as if they want the plans in place to attract such a chain.

Just turn it back into Dreamers!

The former bank building at mumps must be saved, it's possibly the most beautiful building in Oldham. It should be restored and returned to use as an Oldham flagship building.

Wow Dreamers nightclub, one of the old Oldham haunts from many years ago. I'd forgotten all about it !

Is this the correct photo for this article? If so, what an architectural delight we have to lift Mumps from the dumps. They say "no outside alterations are needed". They are right apart from having a big bulldozer outside knocking it down.

A Bulldozer and a name change from Mumps,might help instead of plastering over the cracks.

Dreamers nightclub has some quality nights in there - Also remember been thrown down the stairs a couple of times along with many others !

Dreamers nightclub. What memories that brings back. What I do recall is just what a pokey little place it was. Positively claustrophobic.


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