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Labour MP Heyes to stand down

Reporter: Iram Ramzan
Date online: 04 March 2014

LABOUR MP David Heyes intends not to contest his seat at the next General Election, for health reasons.

The Ashton MP, whose constituency includes Failsworth, has continued to work in recent years despite undergoing cancer treatment, from which he is said to be making a good recovery.

In a letter to his constituency party chairman the 67-year-old MP said: “You will be aware that I have had some serious health problems during the last couple of years. The brilliant treatment I have had from the NHS leaves me optimistic about being around for a good few years yet.

“But I don’t feel I have been left with sufficient energy to get through another six years from now to the following election in 2020.

“The role of MP is very demanding and I think that, by next year, it will be time to hand over the reins to somebody younger and fitter.”

Mr Heyes succeeded Robert Sheldon as MP for Ashton in 2001 and became only the third MP for the constituency since World War Two.

Mr Heyes said that it had been an “extraordinary privilege” to be able to represent his town for the last 13 years, which has seen big changes including new schools, new Metrolink lines, and more health centres and a new hospital in Ashton.


sorry to hear Mr Heyes is standing down.a man of principle.keep well Mr Heyes.

Best wishes Mr Heyes, I doubt the next MP will challenge the government [which ever colour] as fearlessly as David. Probably why this good man was never given a job under last two Labour Prime Ministers.

You've done your bit. Your priority now is to take care of yourself and your family.
Best wishes


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