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Piercing misery sparks warning

Date online: 04 March 2014

A carnival queen has been devastated by a fashion look that went wrong.

Remmie Pearson (17) pestered her mum Vicky into letting her have a “scaffold” piercing - two piercings across the top of ear, connected by a rod.

But a severe reaction has left the Failsworth carnival queen depressed - and reluctant to leave the house.

Six months after the piercing, scar tissue began to form at the edge of her ear. A year later the lump is now the size of a fivepenny piece.

The local NHS has refused to remove the growth because it’s a “cosmetic” procedure, and it can’t justify the cost.

Provate removal would cost around £1,250, which single-mum Vicky can’t afford.

Remmie, who is studying to be an air hostess at Oldham College, says the growth is having a horrible effect on her life.

“I know it might not seem much, but people keep staring at me and laughing about it and it makes me so embarrassed and ashamed,” she said.

Vicky slammed the NHS for disregarding her daughter’s plight.

“As a carnival queen Remmie does lots of fund raising and charity work but because she needs to be in public a lot. She’s only a 17-year-old girl so she gets distressed when people snigger. But it’s not just that: she catches it a lot, it bleeds and is very painful.

“Our GP thinks it should be removed on the NHS and I imagine it’s only a simple procedure so can’t understand why they’ve turned us down.”

A spokesman for Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group said: “As part of our role as a clinical commissioning group, it’s our job to demonstrate we are making the most effective use of public money we can.

“If during a review process the panel finds that there are no exceptional clinical circumstances, the CCG is therefore unable to provide funding.”


If it had been the NHS who did the original piercing, then yes, they should be responsible for its removal - but if it was NOT the NHS, then why should they pay ?

If there is anything wrong then the family should go back to whoever did the job.

Why should taxpayers pay for this? There isn't enough money for basic services for people who are actually ill.

Remmie chose to have the piercing done herself, she must of know the risk.

I agree with the nhs its not their job to put it right,
she could always hide the lump with her hair.
Go back to where she got the piercing and ask them to pay..

Why should the NHS fund a procedure to put right a mutilation this young lady chose to have done? So many vital, pain relieving operations are refused nowadays on the grounds of cost - hip and knee procedures - and there is no good reason why the removal of a little lump on someone's ear should be paid for by anyone other than that person or her family. The picture indicates her hair would cover the ear, so wear it like that and no one would see the lump. For every action, there is a consequence

Totally agree with the nhs why should do a free operation on a young girl who chose this piercing I am afraid she should go private and get the finance from a loan or payment plan with the clinic sadly this happens all to often and the nhs should but pick up the tab

Presumably the person who did the piercing explained the pros and cons. Get over it and wear your hair down. What grounds had the mother for slamming the National Health Service? Someone found the money for the piercing, so stop bleating and start saving for the cosmetic work. You presumably wanted the piercing so that people would look at you - well now they are. I have not seen many air hostesses with such piercing.

I think this is ridiculous, the NHS shouldn't have to pay for something as minor as this. Think of the many people in the UK born with serious facial defects who don't let their appearance stop them from living their lives. A lump on ones ear which can be hidden, caused from a piercing they chose to get, shouldn't have to be payed for by taxpayers.

Looks to me like this girl has long hair, which surely covers her ears? So why would,and how can,anyone be staring and laughing at her???

Great to see the compassionate folk of Oldham in their support of a young girl, shes made a mistake. we are all guilty of that every now and then.

The real drains on the NHS are the pathetic gasping tab heads smoking their lives away and taking up hospital beds with self inflicted illnesses, their stupidity and selfishness costs us all a lot more !

I bet whoever, whether it's the Mother or the Daughter, who decided to go to the press with this story is now regretting it, given the wave of support for the NHS and not for their campaign.

Let's put this into context for the Mother - if she had two daughters, the one in this report and a hypothetical one with a terminal condition such as cancer. Now, the treatment for both was £1,250.........who would Mother want to receive the treatment?

Depressed and reluctant to leave the house, get a grip, soldiers fighting in Afghanistan are losing limbs and coming home with severe defects, and your whinging about a lump on your ear that is hid by your hair.

We'll this is my daughter and no I don't regret going to the press or slamming the NHS ! She was 15 at the time she had this done and NO we wasn't told this could happen therefore if we was then do you really think I'd let her have this done ! She is. 17 year old girl for gods sake ! Why should women have boob jobs and gastric bands on the NHS ??? So you tell me why a mistake that YES we both made can not be rectified ! She is a child still after all ! A very depressed one ;(

People on there high horse ! Disregarding a 17 year old girl who puts so much back into the community ' who made a mistake and now has to live with it ! Not nice comments at all ! If it was your child then would be a different story ! Shame on you .... thank you cheeky boy ! Probably the only decent comment on here ! Someone not bitter ! With a heart ! She's still a child for gods sake ......:( thought our children should be entitled to anything ( thought wrong then )

cheekyboy ... I agree about the smoking, but isn't this girl also guilty of one of those "self-imposed illnesses" that you quote ?

As for her making a mistake; yes, we all do that - and, as the saying goes "YOU pay for your mistakes."

prudent and relevant comment there by cheekyboy, a topic about someone getting something cosmetic, to smoking, nice segway mate., but taking in to consideration the fact that the tax on "tabs" funds well over half of the NHS and with decreasing smokers means the tax goes up. learn before you comment on something not relevant....

maybe its a warning to all those who feel the need to pierce themselves with all sorts of things to think twice about it.She's just a young girl following a fashion but the small lump she's been left with really isn't bad or urgent enough to warrant an op on the NHS

I'm 100% behind the NHS.
She should take responsibility for herself,it's not the fault of the NHS so if you want it removed pay for it yourself.

This is a self inflicted injury so why on earth should the NHS pay for this. Get a grip there are far more deserving cases out there !!!!

I recall a time when the folk of Oldham were a generous, compassionate and genuinely pleasant and welcoming bunch !

Whats happened ?

@ Underscore, your defence of smoking is poor, smoking makes folk ill - Fact, the fact that they are ill costs us all, the duty on tobacco funds the treasury as does other tax and duty, tobacco duty is not a health insurance for smokers its an attempt to make them see sense !
The same argument can be applied to drinkers.

Then vickypearson if she's still a child as you point out then why did you allow the piercing in the first place ? and why cant you fund the cost of removal

IF THIS WAS YOUR DAUGHTER YOU ALL WOULD HAVE GONE TO THE NHS. People smoke and get treated, fat people get treat, drug abusers get treated, alcholics get treated. People who are even susposed to be in this country get treated. Grow up people it would hardly have cost the earth. I hope none of you make a mistake.......

Well, if she was 15 when she had this done then the mother should pay for it to be removed as she'd have given permission I presume??

It's not the fault of the NHS and why should the tax payers fork out. I do empathise with this young girl but if it was my son and I'd given permission for him to maim himself, and it went wrong, I would work all the hours I could to pay for the operation. Why does it matter that she is a single parent??

Can I ask what this girl's ear has to do with smokers!! Leave the smokers alone!!!

Had the same procedure and the same happened to me. I used surgical spirit daily to remove it which cost around £2.00 from the local chemist.

@Fitton Hill, you said it exactly. Couldn't agree more. I bet a lot of people that have made negative comments have had NHS treatment that could have been avoided if they hadn't have done something or taken better precaution.


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