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Thunderdome becomes plunderdome

Reporter: Alex Carey
Date online: 05 March 2014

OLDHAM’S roller derby team HQ has been burgled and cash and more than £1,500 worth of equipment stolen.

Between Sunday morning and Monday evening their “Thunderdome” arena - at the junction of King Street and Union Street - was broken into and petty cash, a computer-linked projector, sound equipment, a guitar amp and even the tea and coffee honesty box money were taken.

Spokeswoman Emma Lyskava said: “We don’t make any money from what we do, so replacing everything we have worked so hard for is going to be a real struggle.

“We’re disgusted that someone could do this to a group of innocent people who have put so much effort into what they love doing.”

Police confirmed someone got in through the roof after climbing up some scaffolding.

Roller derby is the fast-growing contact sport for women and involves teams of skaters roaring round a high-speed track on roller skates.

The club is due to host a workshop for sport’s governing body, the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA) this weekend, and has a home match on Saturday. Emma said the team is now working hard to get everything ready.


CCTV. Alarm. these should be a priority.

No doubt it will all be spent on drugs, and we shall see the effects in the flash cars being driven round the town by young men who would not normally be expected to afford such luxury.

@ernie Unfortunately as a not-for-profit amateur sports organisation, we can't afford such luxuries as this. Blame the perpetrators, not the victims.

Em_ my home is 'not for profit' ive got one.


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