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Tattoo will do nicely, gran!

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 10 March 2014

GROWN men have been known to shed a tear of pain while getting a tattoo.

But 73-year-old Rose Littleford put them to shame by getting an orange ribbon tattoo to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis.

Rose was one of 30 people who had the design, the logo for the MS Society, tattooed on their body at the Ink Pot in Oldham as a way to raise vital funds for new research into the disease.

The cause was close to Rose’s heart as her granddaughter Jade Jones (25) has suffered from condition for three years.

Jade’s symptoms have steadily worsened in recent months, leaving her almost housebound with limited eyesight, no feeling in her arms and difficulty walking.

Monica Seville, Jade’s mother, organised the event with around 50 family members and friends around the country taking part in the challenge and getting inked on the same day.

She said: “The tattoo process was painful and brought quite a few tears to my eyes but my mother Rose didn’t even flinch. She’s made of tough stuff. We think we will break the £2,000 barrier which is absolutely fantastic.”

Monica, from Watersheddings, added that the family hope that people will see the tattoo and ask about it so they can spread awareness of the condition.

Monica added: “My mother has always said that she dislikes tattoos and would never get one, but when we told her why we would be doing it, she said she would get involved too.

To donate to the tattoo fund-raising appeal visit www.justgiving.com/JadeJones


Well done Rose and to all the other people that took part in this event. A wonderful gesture of support for Jade and helping in raising awareness of MS. I know some of these people personally and they will have had great fun along the way too. Proud of each of you xx

well done for getting the tattoo Rose. One more of us one less of them.


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