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Mr and Mrs Green wanted to test run eco-home

Reporter: Dawn Marsden
Date online: 11 March 2014

THE search is on to find “Mr and Mrs Green” to move into an environmentally-friendly house.

Regenda Housing Group is looking for a family to live in a house in Pine Tree Road, Limehurst Village, which is being kitted out with the latest energy-saving technology.

The initiative is part of a regeneration project across the estate. It is hoped the new family will spread the word about its new home.

When complete, the three-bedroom house will have advanced solar roof panels, internal wall insulation, energy-efficient heating deep loft insulation and low-energy lighting.

A key feature will be a special garden, complete with a water butt, composter, greenhouse, wild flowers and a bird table and a vegetable patch.

The family will be asked to share what they discover with blogs and social media.

Tracy Heyes, Regenda’s executive director of operations, says the study will highlight the effectiveness of products that could be used in future developments.

Regenda expects to spend around £30,000 more on the house than on a typical property renovation.

Families interested in applying to live in the house can visit www.fcho.org.uk.


£30K is a ridiculous amount of money to spend when the returns are so small, and indicative of a public sector mind set where sense has flown out of the window where current favourite policies are concerned.
In other installations where 'green' 'improvements' have been made, residents have seen heating bills quadruple, because they are ill thought out.
In addition there is no evidence to support man made climate change nor global warming, even the founder of Greenpeace is telling us that!

£30k is too much, that could be much better spent elsewhere.

one thing regenda are good at , and thats wasteing money, cant knock them for that.


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