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Pub assault anger

Date online: 12 March 2014

A FATHER-OF-THREE has been banned from pubs across three Saddleworth villages for two years after he admitted assaulting a landlord.

As well as a two-year exclusion order from pubs in Delph and Dobcross, and one in Diggle, Andrew Roebuck (29), of Roche Road, Delph, must do 150 hours of unpaid work and pay almost £300 in compensation and court costs, Oldham magistrates ruled.

The landlord he drunkenly attacked at the White Lion in Delph blasted the sentence. Carl Benton said: “The ban should have extended to pubs in the whole of Saddleworth and a wider area. Why should a man be allowed into a respectable establishment and allowed to do this?”

Mr Benton (39), added: “I don’t think the punishment fits the crime. I had done absolutely nothing wrong. Landlords must be protected in their own premises without fear of being attacked by customers.

“I received heavy bruising to my left eye and my right eye is still bloodshot. I took heavy bruising to my back, ribs, kidneys and liver. I was knocked unconscious when he first hit me.”

Mr Benton’s wife Farah (29), who runs the Hanging Gate in Diggle, said: “The sentence is outrageous. How can that not warrant a prison sentence?”

Roebuck was drinking with his wife and friends at the White Lion on March 1. They were disturbing other customers so Mr Benton asked them to leave at 1am. As the group left, Roebuck’s wife fell and hit her head.. When Roebuck saw blood on his wife’s head he ran inside to ask Mr Benton to call an ambulance. Roebuck believed Mr Benton refused so ran behind the bar and punched Mr Benton in the face, then hit him again while he was on th ground..

Stephen Parker, defending, said Roebuck and his wife were enjoying a rare night away from their young children and had drunk too much.

He said: “Mr Roebuck is embarrassed, ashamed and remorseful for his actions. He admitted what he had done and pleaded guilty to assault at the earliest opportunity.”


If you read the comments on these pages, there are those who want every offender imprisoned, but don't want any more money spent nor any new prisons built, this is the consequence.

Last year nearly a fifth of a million people were brought before the courts for failing to pay television tax, many were sent to prison.
Tax offenders should not be in prison nor those who pose no immediate risk, and we need to use prison for what it's needed for, and not for offences which affect government.

What a nice chap! No doubt he's a fine role model for his children.

The judges who give these paltry sentences should be named and shamed.

Drop kick him out of Saddleworth & drop him on Yorkshire Street if he wants a fight.

You are only reading one side of this story, had Mr roebuck been given an exclusive interview perhaps Mr Benton would not be portrayed as the victim and you may have a better understanding of this case, then you would be able to make educated comments.

@Saddleworth's Worst: You have a real issue with Oldham. once again your derogatory comment is totally uncalled for. Seems you have a very blinkered view of your precious Saddleworth......

If you were to drop kick everyone in saddle worth that ever had a fight onto Yorkshire street the pubs in saddle worth would be empty.

This man is an honest, hard working and good role model to his children and anybody who knows him will tell you all the same. I can say this as I am his wife! Unfortunately people choose to believe everything they read and hear!

This incident has nothing to do with Yorkshire St Oldham but the comments show just how out of touch people are with the current situation. Just 5 pubs are left open on Yorkshire St, Oldham, Old Bank, Last Orders, Number 15, The Squire Knott all frequented mainly by the older and/or the more hardened daytime drinkers from 10am onwards. The remaining nighttime only pub left is Bamboogie, fighting in the Town Centre is fuelled by people getting drunk elsewhere before going to a Town Ctr club.


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