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Vandal hell for Oldham RL

Reporter: Robbie MacDonald
Date online: 12 March 2014

VANDALS have smashed their way into five outbuildings at Oldham Rugby League Club’s Whitebank ground.

The raid is the latest in a spate of attacks that have cost the club an estimated £15,000 in recent years.

The latest attack came hours after the Roughyeds’ first home game of the season on Sunday.

Speaking yesterday as repairs continued, club chairman Chris Hamilton said: “Significant damage has been caused. The buildings look to have been attacked with crowbars.

“There was considerable damage to the match-day office, the joint sponsors’ suite and boardroom, the ground safety officer’s control room, the refreshment area and the maintenance cabin.

“The attack covered every building at the ground apart from the social club. We think it will cost about £1,000 to repair. It must be the seventh attack since we’ve been based here.”

“The funding doesn’t come from insurance. It comes from the club’s finances, so every attack is a double blow — materially and financially.

“We don’t know why people do these things. The level of damage in this latest attack and the lengths the intruders went to suggests it wasn’t done by kids.

“We thought we had got beyond this kind of thing. We will keep going, keep working and keep doing all our work in the community, which is extremely well-received.

Mr Hamilton added: “Anybody with any information about these attacks should call the club or the police.”


Mindless, it makes you sick.

No wonder some people dub the area 'Crimeside'.

Maybe Oldham RL should look for a new home in a better part of town!

should the police decide to get off there backsides and do manage to nabb the morons that did this, whats going to happen? little slap on there wrists and they walk, prosecute the parents.

I would love to see the rugby lads to catch them and use the heads as balls.

The mindless idiots that caused this should be locked in a room with the rugby players, bet they won't be so tough then!

Sickening. This fella has worked hard to keep rugby in our town and this is how mindless idiots have repaid him. ORLFC needs to be moved elsewhere in the Borough.

I suppose it's no coincidence that Werneth Golf Club has been attacked in the last few days too. Probably the same feral animals who vandalised the rugby club. I say let the rugby lads loose on them , if they ever get caught.

Limeside sorry Limehurst soon to be regenerated by Oldham Council, anyone else see a connection between core voter spending, high crime rate areas, regeneration spending and then ultimately nothing changes.

f.a.o laticmark, do not tar everyone off limeside or as you say crimeside with the same brush ok, you go to any part of this borough and you will find morons walking about wrecking things and causing havoc , even your so called upper class areas ie saddleworth you get vandles and morons, maybe you should clear off to another part of town.

@oldhamtinker: Unfortunately it's the minority of idiots that gives Limeside its bad name. I spent my early childhood in Limeside, and even back in the late 70s and early 80s it had an element of idiots giving it a bad name. I wouldn't be surprised if the current numpty brigade are the offspring of those I grew up with.


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