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Chairman stunned by vandal attacks

Date published: 13 March 2014

A DEFLATED cricket club president fears the club could close in its 150th anniversary year if vandalism at the ground doesn’t stop.

Howard Dronsfield of Werneth Cricket Club has been working to improve the club’s ground in preparation for the landmark occasion - but has become demoralised by the repeated trashing of facilities.

On Tuesday vandals tore up seats at the ground: “All the seats had just been left lying around,” said Mr Dronsfield.

“We are trying to do everything right here for our big milestone but every time we seem to get knocked back every week. I’ve no idea who is causing all this damage and we don’t want to inflame the situation, but this really deflates you.

“We have had numerous incidents over the last six months with people ripping up fences to get into the ground and cause damage.

But Mr Dronsfield is determined not to let vandals ruin the celebration: “At the end of the day, we can’t afford to lose faith because if we give up the club could cease to exist.”


Another sports ground targeted by morans, When they are finally caught they need to be made to repay the club the cost of repairs, if they cant then they must sell there assets, gold necklace, Nike trainers, hooded top and staffordshire pit bull.

Don't give up Howard - just remember all the good times you have had over the years at WCC. It's a never-ending downward spiral these days. Oldham Rugby, Werneth Ckt being vandalised and they say there is an upturn in society towards sport . . . doesn't seem that way here does it?

good on you Howard,I remember you as a kid playing soccer for Oldham school boys,you will not give in.Keep the faith.


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