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Firms forced out in housing plan go-ahead

Reporter: Alex Carey
Date online: 13 March 2014

Oldham Council Planning Committee

CONTROVERSIAL proposals will see 30 businesses make way for housing, it was confirmed last night.

Phoenix Mills Industrial Estate in Cheetham Street, Failsworth, will be demolished, leaving business owners to relocate or close following the granting of planning permission.

Business owners and workers from the estate left in disappointment after aproval was announced.

Liquidators Mooney Rodgers LLP will start work on the transformation of the site in 18 months, and in the meantime all existing businesses will be offered help to relocate.

But Harold Cleworth, who has run Cleworth Motors on the site for 23 years, said: “I’m 70 now and I simply can’t think about moving somewhere else. I’ll have to close and make the four members of my staff redundant, which I don’t want to do.”

The application was originally rejected in 2011, then approved on appeal.

A liquidators’ spokesman said there are a significant number of suitable relocation sites within three miles of the current businesses.


Genius Oldham Council allocates all regeneration spending to areas that contribute the least, green lights the building of industrial units where they are not needed nor wanted, green lights destroying established businesses for target voter housing. You must be McMad!

Get Oldham working great start 5 certain job losses labour a party for the working class well it was in the early days now just Tories under a different colour

This was originally opposed by Oldham and granted on appeal. A refusal last night would have caused another appeal and one where OMBC would have very likely faced significant costs as such a decison would be deemed perverse. Surely if the development must go ahead, it is better that detail conditions be determined locally rather than by a distant planning inspector

Local businesses should be local. 3 miles away is probably too far for the existing customer base to travel.
What a shame for all the Failsworth jobs that will go when businesses move.
Small local businesses are essential for a thriving local economy.

Rather tarnishes Oldham Council's much vaunted Get Oldham Working campaign.

pessimist, shaun mcgrath, Latics38,

How can it tarnish the get Oldham Working campaign if the original decision was taken out of Oldham's hands by the planning inspectorate?

JMTS - you are wasting your time, these people are simply anti-council and refuse to listen to logical, rational reasoning. As far as they are concerned, anything that gives them the opportunity to criticise the council they will grab with both hands.

This application was thrown out by Oldham Council's Planning Committee when it first came up in 2012, The applicant appealed and the after a public inquiry the Planning Inspectorate overruled OMBC and granted permission. This is not what the council or councillors wanted but higher powers decided other wise.

Alice, my dear, while seeking to rationalise with the lost souls I mentioned may well be a waste of time, it's a question of ensuring people are not mislead by their prejudices.

There are too many people in Oldham who just want to have a pop at the Council. Do they not realise that elected representatives want to be re-elected, so why would they intentionally antagonise their voters? Do people not realise that legislation restricts the Council's options? Why do some people not be able see the bigger picture?
Come on, grow up, there is a world beyond your back garden!

steb53 - at last a sensible comment.

I wish the people from Foxdenton would read this thread so they can see some rational and factual comments about the planning process and how the Council has its hands tied and maybe some of these far fetched conspiracy theories would be finally put to bed


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