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Boy labelled overweight - despite strict diet

Date published: 14 March 2014

A FURIOUS mum has blasted the health service after she was told her four-year-old is heading for obesity — even though he has serious dietary problems.

Kirsty Shedlock’s son Jack has been in and out of hospital since birth with a bowel condition that causes his weight to fluctuate. The St Luke’s Primary School pupil follows a strict diet to control his health.

She said: “The first thing I knew was when I received a letter saying he was overweight, and more likely to be obese when he grows up.

“I wouldn’t mind if he was eating loads of rubbish, but I’m really offended. He is on a strict diet because of his health problems.

“They gave me a leaflet with eating suggestions and I found it so patronising. I follow a strict diet too to make it easier on him. I’ve asked them to take him off their database, but they have refused. I’m appalled, it’s just disgusting.”

Marie Forshaw, Oldham Community Health Service director at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, said they are working to resolve the issue and offered their apologies.

She said: “Children are routinely weighed and measured at schools across the borough as part of a national child-measurement programme. All parents are given the opportunity to opt out if they wish.

“We have discussed Ms Shedlock’s concerns with her and apologise for any distress caused.”

Kirsty was told a letter had been sent out asking for parents to sign if they didn’t want their child to be weighed and measured - but claims she never received the letter.


my daughter recieved exactly the same letter & she is out every night playing sports plays for 2 teams at football & netball yet she got exactly the same letter which upset her a lot she continues though we wont let the nanny state dictate to us she is a average girl of average build ..

Get a grip woman! Obesity is likely to be a serious problem in the country, and if someone makes a tiny mistake make allowances!

Whether the mother agrees or disagrees with the health service's comments, I think the health service should be praised for at least trying to offer advice.

The mother does not need to take notice of the advice, but I am sure some parents would also complain if the health service did not offer such advice.

The cult of 'body fascism' - even our children aren't safe.


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