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Sweeper in trap ordeal

Date published: 17 March 2014

A council worker was trapped when the street sweeper he was driving overturned.

The 43 year old was cut free by firefighters after two crews from Oldham and a specialist unit from Ashton were called to Cromwell Street at 8.42am on Saturday.

The driver was taken to hospital with suspected head and neck injuries but is reported to have escaped with bruises. Officials are now trying to discover the cause of the accident


And no doubt the poor rate payers will have to pick up the tab for the wreck of this machine?
How exactly do you roll over any vehicle been driven in a reasonable manner with no other vehicle involved?

Have you ever seen the speed which these are driven at by 'some' drivers ??? UNBELIEVABLE !!!! and the fact that they are only around 4 ft wide is the reason that they could turn over. They need to have restrictors fitted.

Anyway, unlike other contributors, I hope the fella gets well soon.

come on lgwatcher, at least read the article, he only had a few bruises!


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