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Morris is now more minor!

Date online: 17 March 2014

RICHARD Landon is half the man he used to be after shedding over 14st to keep his Morris Men dream alive for a second time.

The 47 year old of Shaw Hall Bank Road, Greenfield, peaked at 28st 2lbs at the end of 2011.

Incredibly, Richard’s weight loss is the second time he has halved his body weight.

In 2004, he featured in the Chronicle after losing 16st 7lbs in 18 months. But the weight piled back on leaving him depressed. He had to wear oversized clothes and to take a break from his beloved Saddleworth Morris Men when it became too difficult to keep up.

The father-of-two said: “I just decided enough was enough. I knew there was a WeightWatchers group at Saddleworth Rangers on Tuesday nights so I made a pact to go the following week. The hardest part was walking through the door for the first meeting; I was the only man there.

“But from that moment I’ve never looked back. I have changed my lifestyle. I am not on a diet, I’m just living more healthily. I cook healthy meals for my wife and children and I swim and go to the gym five times a week.

“My whole outlook has changed. My wife Lesley and children Courteney (18) and Marcus (14) are really pleased I have done this a second time. The best thing is being able to get back to dancing with the Saddleworth Morrismen.”


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