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Drunk dad with five-year-old daughter arrested in street

Date published: 19 March 2014

A FATHER pleaded guilty to being drunk in charge after stumbling along a road with his crying daughter on Christmas Day.

Craig Lee of Spring Street, Greenacres, was seen with the five-year-old girl in Rochdale Road, heading towards Royton, late on December 25.

Witnesses said he was stumbling and at one point fell into the road. The little girl was crying and shouting.

When Lee (37) was stopped at 10.45pm, officers had to hold him up to stop him from falling. The child was missing a shoe and coat, despite freezing weather.

Lee was taken to Chadderton Police Station where he assaulted an officer.

Defending Lee before Oldham Magistrates, Graham Whittingham said: “Mr Lee is not a big drinker so the alcohol affected him severely on Christmas Day. He had picked his daughter up from her mother’s house in the morning and started drinking in the afternoon.

“He doesn’t remember much of the incident but he is deeply ashamed. This is an isolated incident, completely out of character.”

Lee pleaded guilty to being drunk in charge of a child and assaulting a constable. The case was adjourned until April 7 for a probation report.


We all make mistakes. However, we do not make them with our 5 year old daughter! If he is not a big drinker, then why drink heavily when in charge of a minor? No excuse. What should be one of the best days of a child's year, will always remain a bad memory.


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