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Sweet turns sour

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 19 March 2014

THE owner of an “awful filthy state of a takeaway” has been fined £5,750 by Oldham magistrates after his “blatant disregard for hygiene” endangered public health.

Mohammed Gaffar’s Asian sweet and takeaway business, Top Sweet Centre in Manchester Road, Werneth, was shut after a routine inspection last July. Gaffar (48) yesterday pleaded guilty to eight counts of contravening the Environmental Protection Act.

When inspector Samantha Jackson arrived at the premises she saw a customer trying to chase flies from a kebab, a box of raw chicken covered in flies on the kitchen floor and trays of uncovered kebabs.

There were mouse droppings on shelves, on the floor and under the fridge, which the inspector believed was an “immediate danger” to public health.

The shop had refuse in the rear yard, filthy toilets and even a dirty bar of soap and dirty towels were thought not fit for their purpose.

The court heard Gaffar had been warned about shop hygiene in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Gaffar shut the takeaway before resuming trading two days later, after an intensive clean-up.

Gaffar accepted responsibility, admitting he had been “lazy due to Ramadan”, he apologised for the state of the shop.

Since reopening, Gaffar has gained food hygiene certificates, agreed to maintain a food-standards book and lifted the store’s cleanliness rating from zero to two (out of five) on Oldham Council’s star rating system.


I don’t know which is more disgusting, the shop or the fact that after warnings for three years on the run he is still allowed to open up again? With a track record like that he should be banned from owning/running any kind of food business!

Surely, regular customers of these shops must notice that the cleanliness is in question ? Wouldn't they .......

How many more of these takeaway shops must we read about until the Inspectorate makes a ruling that unless the store has a star rating ABOVE 3, then they cannot trade.

Gaffars been lazy because of ramadan in 2009,2010,2011 and 2014. He is a now a two star, dear me..........

So now its a 2/5. I'll give it a miss thanks.

No exscuse what ever for this .It is just plain down right filth being allowed to sell in local shops were was there cerificate for hygiene Some one could have died from this infestation ........

i for 1 would never eat in these places.this place wants shutting down permanent

Disgusting, there appears to be an epidemic of filth in similar establishments in our town. If it goes on there will an epidemic.

It should be law that these takeaways display their hygiene standard in the window.

Let us not forget that Oldham Council was committed to developing a Curry Mile to either side of its depressing town centre.

Shame on Oldham Council for letting them get away with it for so long. And even now when this establishment is just scraping through with 2 stars. Disgusting.

Another filthy takeaway Gaffar ,had three warnings which he did not take seriously.

come on council get real with this type of takeaway, shut them down and ban the owner. In the mean time the public should avoid them like the plague.

Its shocking that this man got away so lightly - it sounds like a pig-sty rather than a food outlet. Maybe we need to ensure all owners of food outlets complete a food standards course before they start trading?

The Council really needs to act earlier and stronger with these instances.

I soon discovered after being violently sick a few years ago that eating in these sort of places is akin to a sort of "Russian roulette" They store a lot of dry ingredients which are a magnet for vermin assisted by poor standards of hygiene which give reasons to give them a very wide berth indeed.

Was the shop clean between 2011 until 2013 or did they miss his annual ticking off?


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