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Elderly woman tackles raider

Date published: 20 March 2014

A GUTSY 90-year-old woman confronted a thief in her home — but was left on her knees when he shrugged off her tackle and ran off with her handbag.

The woman was at home in Cumberland Drive, Royton, when the raider walked in through an open door.

She told him to leave, but he walked into her bedroom and took the bag, which contained a small amount of cash.

She challenged him again and ordered him to leave.

When he carried on ignoring her and eventually walked out the woman grabbed him round the waist to stop him - but he shrugged her off and she fell.

The intruder is described as white, slim and around five feet tall. He was wearing a dark, hooded top and jeans.

The drama unfolded at about 3.25pm on Monday.

If you were in the area at the time and saw a male matching this description leaving her house or acting suspiciously, call the police on 0161-856 8825 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800-555 111.


Another brave hooded top burgler preying on the old and weak, lets hope he's caught and sent down. Then we will see how brave he really is. SCUM!!!!

Yet another home invasion of a pensioner. How many more till something is done to protect these vulnerable people?
Come on Council/ police think of something, surely these people deserve some help.

@ernie When local authorities are done dealing with giving protection, housing and benefits to the non-indigenous, only then can you request that our most vulnerable and elderly members of our society get assistance...... Or so it seems.

I agree with you wholeheartedly ernie. My Grandfather was attacked three times in his Chadderton flat, before eventually succumbing to the stress, which finally killed him.

'The nail on the head' as they say Ig@ ,Its a sad situation for the elderly, my father was robbed twice at Hathershaw before his death and that was in sheltered housing. May be some kind of 'elderly watch' by friends and neighbours to ensure these vulnerable people are not left alone, they deserve more.

Thanks Ernie. I agree that something should be done and if we have to do it as friends and neighbours as there isn't enough done by the authorities, then so be it.

Sorry to hear about your Father. I hope he is now resting in peace.


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