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Jabeenís killer husband jailed for 22 years

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 21 March 2014

DISTRAUGHT family members saw justice yesterday as the man who killed his wife in a frenzied attack was jailed for 22 years.

Farkhanda Younis’s devastated relatives watched as illegal immigrant Jahangir Nazar was found guilty of murdering his wife - known as Jabeen - in Chadderton last year.

Manchester Crown Court heard how Nazar (35) stabbed Jabeen 19 times in the neck at the couple’s Bamford Street home on April 19 in a “frenzied and ferocious” attack. Her six-year-old son slept in the bedroom next door.

Nazar pleaded guilty to manslaughter but not guilty to murder on the ground of diminished responsibility.

Nazar remained impassive throughout his sentencing and said “thank you” and “I’m sorry” as he was led away.

A statement by Jabeen’s family read: “We feel we’ve been cheated from watching our beautiful daughter achieve all the things she wanted in life. He will be released and will continue with his life, which does not seem right.

“We are pleased the jury has seen through his cowardly defence as we have always believed what he did was a planned and calculated attack. It’s almost a year since Jabeen was taken from us, yet it feels as raw now as it did then.

“We would like to thank everyone involved in bringing Nazar to justice. Though it will not bring her back at least he has been convicted.”

Psychiatric experts agreed that Nazar, who gave no evidence in his defence, had been suffering from a recognised mental illness at the time of the attack but the jury believed this hadn’t substantially affected his ability to exercise self control or rational thought.

The court heard of a history of systematic bullying and abuse with “controlling and possessive” Nazar following Jabeen to work, installing tracking apps on her phone and leaving a connected mobile phone in their home for over four hours to monitor her.

In her closing speech Mrs Justice Simler said she hoped Nazar being brought to justice could provide some solace to Jabeen’s devastated family.

She said: “You have profoundly affected the lives of her family and friends who have suffered an enormous loss. Part of them has died. This was a merciless act on a young woman, which caused mental and physical suffering.”

The couple’s relationship deteriorated after they wed at a traditional Muslim Nikkah ceremony in summer, 2012, due to Nazar resenting her successful, “promiscuous” and “westernised” lifestyle.

Jabeen went to nightclubs, drank alcohol, had many boyfriends and maintained a sexual relationship with OIdham taxi driver Ansar Shah until her death.

Around 1am on the morning of the murder, Jabeen returned home drunk after sharing a bed with Shah at a friend’s house.

The court heard how Nazar murdered her in their bedroom in an attack of such ferocity that the blade of the knife, which has never been found, snapped.

After the murder Nazar locked the bedroom door, washed, then fled the area.

He was arrested four days later outside Newcastle train station, carrying a suitcase filled with clothes and £1,100 in cash. He was thought to be leaving the country.


their were both in wrong, but you have no right in killing someone.

Lets hope he dies there and nevers see's freedom again.

After his sentence is served, as an illegal immigrant he will be deported right?

No doubt this insanity island will not expel him from the country at the end of his sentence because of some spurious reason his lawyers will cook up.
He should be sent to serve his sentence in Pakistan where the prisons are not holiday camps. Even if we have to pay to keep him there it will be a damn sight cheaper than a UK hotel oops Prison place.

Nazar resented his wife's westernised lifestyle.
Why come to live in the West if you do not want to be westernised? Surely it is better to stay in the East.

Such a sad loss but is this monster to be deported upon release or can he not be sent to the country of origin to serve the sentence

Not long enough I'm afraid.

No mention of his deportation as an illegal immigrant upon release ? I hope that is the case.

The 'rights' or 'wrongs' of Jabeen's conduct are utterly irrelevant in this case, MFC. Quite simply, we have a controlling, bullying individual who without conscience, brought to a violent end, a young innocent life.


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