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Oldham teenager found dead in US

Date published: 24 March 2014

A TEENAGER believed to be from Oldham has died after she and her American boyfriend allegedly shot dead a US police officer.

Ex-pat Alexandria Hollinghurst (17), who moved to America six years ago, and Brandon Goode (18), are believed to have killed themselves after the officer was murdered in Orlando, Florida.

The shootings took place in the early hours of Saturday in the wealthy residential suburb of Windermere.

US officials said Windermere Police Department Officer Robert German (31) was killed after stopping the couple on foot and calling for back-up after considering them suspicious.

When assistance arrived they discovered the officer had been shot. According to Orlando police, the officers had to run for cover as at least two gunshots went off some distance away.

A search led to the teenagers lying dead from apparently self-inflicted gunshot wounds in the grounds of a multi-million dollar home.

A major investigation is under way.