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Tributes to popular Alex

Date published: 25 March 2014

AN Oldham-born teenager found dead after she and her American boyfriend allegedly shot dead a police officer in Orlando, Florida, before killing themselves was “a pleasure to have in school” according to her former head teacher.

Alexandria Hollinghurst was born in Oldham but moved to America when she was 11.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Alex and her boyfriend Brandon Goode (18) had left what looks to be suicide notes written hours before the shooting.

Alexandria’s grandmother Joyce Johnson, of Blackley, said: “Alex completely changed after she met Brandon.”


I would much prefer tributes to be given to the poor policeman who was gunned down just for doing his job.

we all have choices. Alex obviously made some bad ones. She has to own them.

Well said, Thou Dumber ! I don't feel any sympathy for the pair who took their own lives - that was their own choice - but to take the life of another is unforgivable.


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