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Date online: 25 March 2014

QUICK-THINKING students have been praised for helping to save the life of a vulnerable 14-year-old girl.

The girl - not a pupil at the school - was threatening to throw herself into a busy main road., and was visibly distressed, with tears streaming down her face.

The group of sixth-formers from North Chadderton School sprung into action.

Meg Glendinning tried to calm the girl before walking her to the school with classmates Bethany Green, Natalie Hulme, Louis Gilligan and Nicole Hankes, all 17.

“She was crying and could barely breathe when I was talking to her because she was so upset,” said Meg.

“I knew we couldn’t leave her alone as she was threatening to run out into the busy road. Taking her back to school with us and getting adults involved seemed to be the best thing we could do.”

The group walked the girl into the school’s reception and remained with her until the police arrived to take her to hospital.

After her ordeal the teenager appealed on Facebook to track down the students who helped her.

Meg added: “She told me that she had been planning to end her life and run out into traffic that morning.

“She thanked me for saving her life. When I was helping her I never really thought about it in that way but I am really proud to say I helped her when she needed it.”

The group was presented with a special award by PC Ian McDonald, who said: “Some people may have just walked by this young girl. But these students saw the girl was in danger. They helped her to get to safety and kept her calm.

“Without their actions, this could have been a very tragic story. They should be very proud of what they have done.”

Each of the five was presented with a framed certificate during a special assembly at the school yesterday.

Assistant head teacher Adelle Greenwood said: “They are role models for the rest of the school and we are very proud of them and what they have done for this vulnerable girl.”


This is the real face of the overwhelming majority of young people.

Good, decent, kind kids.

They instinctively knew the right thing to do.

Sadly, the good ones get overshadowed by the minority of scum ruining peoples lives.

Good on you!

A nice outcome :-)

I salute each and every one of you. Just when you think the human race is beyond redemption, you show me that all is not lost.


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