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Schools out

Date published: 26 March 2014

SCORES of schools across Oldham closed today as members of the National Union of Teachers held a one-day strike over workloads, performance-related pay and pensions.
::ST Anne’s Primary, Lydgate, was fully open today while Kingfisher and Royton & Crompton High School opened for some of their pupils. Both were listed as closed in yesterday’s Chronicle due to errors supplied by the council.


Parents are given heavy fines when there are absences. We are told that "even one day away is bad for their education"....

Er... Except when it's a day to blackmail the country to pay OTT pensions.

Or when there is the utterly ridiculous "occasional day" nonesense.

Or when there is "teacher training". Clearly this "training" can't happen in the FOURTEEN weeks they are NOT teaching?.

Will this day the kids have been denied their education be taken from this FOURTEEN weeks off?

Of course not.

Blame the intransigent Mr Gove.

What the unions are asking for is ridiculous. Pay rises regardless of performance, an unsustainable pension scheme and less accountability.

I expect more strikes because no government, regardless of colour, will give them what they want.


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