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‘No-Gove’ on talks in teacher dispute

Reporter: Karen Doherty
Date online: 27 March 2014

OLDHAM teachers were among the hundreds who took part in strike action yesterday.

Schools closed as teachers attended a protest march in Manchester.

The National Union of Teachers staged the one-day walkout over pay and conditions.

Many schools in Oldham were either shut or open only for some pupils in the dispute about excessive workloads, the introduction of performance-related pay and changes to pensions.

Mark McGinn, NUT rep at Failsworth School, was on the picket line at the Brierley Avenue secondary.

He said: “The main issue is pensions. Under the new regime we are expected to work until we are 67 to get our full pension.

“In the current climate that’s virtually impossible. No teacher is going to get the full entitlement and it’s not a gold-plated pension. We had low pay because we knew we had this entitlement when we retired.”

Nigel Yeo, joint branch secretary of Oldham NUT, accused education secretary Michael Gove of failing to take part in “meaningful” negotiations: “Michael Gove and ministers haven’t turned up to talks.

“They only send civil servants. They are not negotiating at all.”

Supporting the strike, Oldham West and Royton MP Michael Meacher, said: “The public is on the side of the teachers’ unions in wanting Gove to stop his incessant and unwarranted attacks on teachers’ pay, pensions, conditions of service and jobs.

“Pay progression decisions for teachers based on factors unrelated to education and outside teachers’ control are unacceptable.”


The far left NUT doing an Arthur Scargil bringing out their members on a politically motivated strike which they have no chance of winning.
Perhaps the government should force them to take a week on strike without pay, or sack every striker and only re-employ them on no strike contracts!

Teachers need to get in the real world and stop winging and get on with what they are paid to do,teach our children,if they dont like what the elected government are asking them to do,resign and get a proper job !!!

Will these striking teachers be fined £60 for every kid that missed school and compensate the parents who lost wages as a result, I doubt it.

Most teachers take early retirement, and finish at 55, then take on jobs as a councillor, thus claiming their pension plus.
We don't all work for 190 days, then off for so many weeks on full pay (for some) so why are they moaning over things.
They take a job as a teacher, so they like everyone else have to work till the retirement age, besides we are not all on 30k+ with a good pension.
For years I was in the T&GWU, then Unite, but aint being in one again, as they are on the side of management.

I agree with ORANGEPEEL..

But the cost should be every striking teacher and there partner. Because it is both parents that get a fine.....


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