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Come home Chloe

Reporter: Iram Ramzan
Date online: 27 March 2014

Angry dad asks: how could police let her give them the slip?
A CONCERNED father is outraged that his runaway teenage daughter was able to escape a second time after being found by police.

Jonathan Knight has pleaded for missing 15-year-old Chloe Shelley to return after she ran away from his home in Birmingham back to Oldham on March 16, to be with her boyfriend.

Mr Knight believes the boyfriend is an abusive drug dealer who had arranged for her to live with him to keep them apart.

Greater Manchester Police officers called him shortly before 5am on Monday to say they had found his daughter in Oldham and would be taking her to the station. But she escaped a short time later and disappeared.

Chloe (15), who attended Royton and Crompton School, and her mother Marie Pollock (40) moved from their home in Greenacres to be with Jonathan only two weeks ago, after resuming contact in the New Year.

Mr Knight (37) first contacted British Transport Police so that they could catch Chloe on the train, then West Midlands Police, who passed the case to GMP.

Mr Knight was furious that she managed to escape the police shortly after they had found her.

He said: “We’re quite concerned about her. She is 15 and suffers from fits. She is with a drug dealer who punched her in the face in front of other people. Nobody knows where she is now.”

Mum Marie said: “She was fine — she had resigned herself to the fact she was living in Birmingham.

“But it emerges that her mates have arranged it all — I found this out by some of the messages they posted on her Facebook page. Now she has blocked everyone so we can’t check.

“She’s just a typical teenager — but we’re missing her.”

A spokesman for GMP confirmed that Chloe had been located on Monday but went missing again, and it is currently searching for her.

Anyone with information should call the non-emergency 101 number.


If she was my daughter I would be in Oldham looking for her not waiting for the police to find her.

No doubt the parents will be told all about 'Gillick Competence' Law and policy made by an unelected and unaccountable judge which allows children a greater say over their lives to the point that they can choose to live away from their parents so long as they can show their needs are met.
I don't understand this attraction to a 'bad boy', and sadly it's not the first case we've heard of this week, but there is little the parents can do as the law is on her side.
Insanity Island again.

Surely somebody knows the boyfriend, and even her friends. Enquiries with the friends, at school, in school time would prove fruitful I reckon - one of them is likely to be in contact with her, and with enough pressure, and the right "talk" one of them would spill where she is.

It's always someone else's fault !

Mr.Knight, do you not think you are responsible for the way your daughter behaves ?

The mother also says she is "just a typical teenager" - well, let me tell you Mrs.Pollock that my "typical teenager" had got a part-time job at her age and had the sense not to get involved with anyone of such disreputable character.

Perhaps the "concerned father" should have had more concern in his daughter's earlier life !

@thou dumber, silly girls like her emerge from all sorts of upbringings, from poor and careless to loving and caring and many good parents are at a loss as to why their children sometimes turn out like that so blaming her Father just isn't fair. All teenagers rebel and it just depends on the degree, most times its short lived but sometimes not so. I only hope she comes round before the worse scenario.

How insensitive to criticise the parents whilst the girl is still missing. They must be put of their minds with worry. In my experience of bring up two now adult girls there is only so much influence you can have on them, it's every parents nightmare that they get in with the wrong crowd. I sincerely hope she is found soon, perhaps the righteous people of Oldham could keep a look out for her.


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