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Police launch hunt for murderer on the run

Date published: 28 March 2014

POLICE are hunting a convicted murderer who absconded after being released on temporary licence in Werneth.

Maurice Travis (33), whose family are from the area, was jailed for life after murdering an inmate at Stoke Heath Young Offenders’ Institute, near Market Drayton, in June, 1998.

Travis, who was 18 at the time, admitted murdering Alan Averall on Averall’s 17th birthday after a disagreement over chocolate cake during a cookery lesson.

Travis, who was serving a five-month sentence for robbery, stabbed Averall three times with a knife. During the sentencing in 1999, the court heart that Averall had been taunting and bullying Travis when the incident occurred. Travis pleaded guilty and was given a life sentence.

Travis, who also has links to Tameside and Salford, is 5ft 9in tall and has short cropped brown hair. He was wearing black jeans, a black jacket with a white motif on top of the left shoulder, and white trainers.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Mangan said: “While we do not believe Travis presents a significant threat to the public, he is unlawfully at large and needs to be returned to prison.”

Anyone with information should call police on 0161-856 8972/8825 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800-555 111.


'jailed for life ' this guy stabbed someone 3 times and killed them, and they let him out to walk the streets. It beggars belief. What do-gooder sanctioned this ? And the police 'do not believe' he is a threat to the public. I hope they are right.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Mangan said: “While we do not believe Travis presents a significant threat to the public,!!! Really he stabbed someone to death over a dispute in a cookery lesson!! Sounds like a very stable chap!

If this bloke does commit a serious crime before he is apprehended then those who sanctioned his freedom to walk the streets should be on a charge. They won't of course because for them its a case of "back to the drawing board". There have been cases recently where violent convicts on day release have re-offended one even committing murder and every one is one too many.


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